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Fictional Template on Dioism related articles

Today's Disruption

Alright, I was interrupted during a hospital visit to discover User:Aryamehr on his third vandalizing spree, this time with the intent to abuse this policy. Apparently, he took the ratification personally, and is now adding Template:Fictional to every Pakistan-related article he can get his hands on. You can say that I was not pleased to find this out.

Articles in question

Dio Brando

I have already taken care of this article long ago. The fictional paragraphs are marked with Article Comments. Adding the template to the top implies that the whole page is fictional, which it's not.


You cannot source the quotes, because they are fictional. Running off and posting them on the forums because you never said them before does not count as creating a source. Get over it. Stop abusing the democratic process, and either mark the quotes or remove them and move on.

The Book of Dio and The Circles of Dio

Template:Dioism/Views's intent is to mark the article as fictional and biased in favor of Dioism in the first place. Remember that tantrum you threw to have this added to the page? Adding Template:Fictional to pages that already have Template:Dioism/Views is redundant and unnecessary. If anyone disagrees with this that isn't deliberately trying to be a dick, then you're welcome to speak up.

AgentChieftain, Abdul Yusuf, User:Altnabla, User:Ma1kel, etc

Where is the fictional content? All three of these biographies have no fictional information, whatsoever.

Temple of Dio Brando

Please Read the talk page before blindly cutting and pasting your silly message. There is already a special version of Template:Dioism/Views hidden in the page ready to be added to the article. Even so, you're going to have to get consensus before you can do it.

What Aryamehr needs to do

1. Read Wikipedia:Consensus

You have to get consensus before adding this template to the page. When people disagree, you don't revert their edits; you discuss the change and come to an agreement. You honor isn't at stake, this is a Wiki. Your say has no more meaning than anyone else.

2. Read Wikipedia:Don't disrupt the wiki to prove a point

Once again, your honor isn't at stake. This isn't your private playground where you can go just to troll Pakistan. You don't have to throw mad fits every time Admin decides against something you say. For example:
  • First Aryamehr Valdalizing Spree: You vandalized four chapters of The Book of Dio.
Why? Because Admin decided to keep them on the Wiki and preserve their original form.
Why? Two reasons; one was that Admin treated The Book of Dio with respect, and the other was that Giggily treated it the same way you treat The Book (Adding a "Religious Views of Aryamehr" template).
  • Third Aryamehr Vandalizing Spree: You decided to add Template:Fictional to ten or so Pakistan-related pages with little to no reason.
Why?Admin ratified my proposal for this template, and also decided to remove the quotes from your biography.
In short, stop vandalizing everything when you get mad. Grow up, sit back, take a deep breath, and move on.

3. Read Wikipedia: Don't be a dick

I don't believe I would be casting the first stone when I say that you're doing all of this just to be a pain in Pakistan's ass. You're holding a grudge against us, so you're disagreeing with everything we say and do simply because you can. Like I said earlier, you're the same as every other user on this Wiki, with the exception of the staff. Stop acting like you're better than everybody else.

What I think Admin should do

Admin, I know for certain that this will happen again. I know you're skeptical of our intent for adding our culture to the Wiki, but I know that I've done my best to comply with your rules and rulings, and I've tried to make sure that my fellow Pakistani do the same. I never intended to have to deal with Aryamehr every time I wish to add something to the Wiki, and I certainly didn't want to be told that he was at it again while I was assisting my grandmother in the hospital. If this kind of thing doesn't call for a temporary block from editing, then I don't know what does.

Aryamehr response

I hate to get involved, and I haven't read it all, but please make your refute here, if you'd care to. Ta. ~Rep Citizen1552019 v2.png 15:08, 2 September 2009 (UTC)

--AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star T / H / E 22:19, 26 August 2008 (BST)

I am sorry I don't have time to answer to everything because unlike you, I am a busy man with a lot of things to do. But what is your problem? That I won't allow you to write whatever you want? If you believe a page does not require fictional page then discuss it on that page. Bye. --Aryamehr Flag of Iran talk 15:50, 27 August 2008 (BST) Maybe later I will answer to you if I find some time. EDIT: Please do not write lies. All I did was writing in the DISCUSSION PAGE to REQUEST the template. PS: Don't get mad and stop crying like a little girl. How many times have you not vandalized? Adding neutrality template to many pages just like that (I can bring it all up, removing information because you don't like them, removing text in the DISCUSSION PAGE! note.. DISCUSSION PAGE!) So grow up and be man. --Aryamehr Flag of Iran talk 15:51, 27 August 2008 (BST)

Oh cool, a personal attack. Let's skip over this, because I'm not petty enough to insult you back. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 02:53, 28 August 2008 (BST)

I did not vandalize. You vandalized many times along with your paki friends and I have it all recoreded. I have not added Template:Fictional to every Pakistan-related article, I requested admin to put it by discussing it in the discussion page. You, however, removed all the requests. Don't get mad, I know you are pissed and I actually find that very funny, lol. Pissed because you can't have what you want in the wiki? You think this is a place for you to write everything you want about you and /v/akistan? You don't think I know your plans? I know, admin knows along with many others.. "control information" LOL. Grow up. Wiki is not a propaganda place for you.

If you call adding a large, bold message addressed to Admin "an open discussion", you're incredibly off. Also, as I previously said, I'm not going to insult you back. Stop directly insulting me and my country, or I will report you for harassment. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S 02:53, 28 August 2008 (BST)

Dio Brando:

  • Look at the talk page


  • Source is source. I said all those things now it counts. I don't have time especially the few first weeks of school to go through my old articles to find the sources. For now, it's going to be like that. They are not fakes quotes and I can get them all. The page is not even finished, let me finish the page before bugging me please.
If you think that posting the quotes on the forum in this manner (Libelous ones at that) counts as a source, then I can have Dio Brando post the collection of quotes that you had deleted. This is not a respectable way to solve the problem. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S

The Book of Dio and The Circles of Dio?

  • What did I do to this one? LOL! Blaming everything on me.

AgentChieftain, Abdul Yusuf, User:Altnabla, User:Ma1kel, etc

  • Of course you don't, because the pages are pages of your friends. The fictional things will be discussed in their talk page. Don't think your something special to be allowed to have a special page for you to discuss this. Talk on the talk pages.
You have been reverting all edits. How am I supposed to uphold a discussion when you're reverting any and all edits made to the page? Also, you didn't start a discussion, you asked Admin directly and insulted everyone who tried to discuss it. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S

Temple of Dio Brando

  • Just like all the "Book of Dio" chapters have fictional template, this one should have too as it's fictional. ,
No sensible user would think an article with poetry would be non-fictional. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S

What AgentChieftain has to do:

  • Stop crying
PROTIP: Calling my end of the discussion "crying" counts as a personal insult. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S
  • stop insulting
DOUBLE PROTIP: Maintaining a neutral point of view, even when discussing your vandalism, does not count as "insulting". - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S
  • Stop accusing others of vandalizing the wiki when he has done it himself many times with his friends (like Allan getitng banned yesterday)
I was vandalizing the Wiki? Go ahead and show me where I've made an edit without being open to discussion, and persisted on reverting the page, despite the consensus being in the opponent's favor. Please do, because I would like to see it myself. - –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S

What I think admin should do:

  • What they are doing and make sure that fictional pages are a bit away from real pages.
  • Ask AgentChieftain to calm down and stop crying because someone is trying to discuss.
You were not discussing it. You demanded a template be added and reverted every edit that disagreed with you.- –Dr. AgentChieftain Flag of the Crescent and Star PPP! B / C / D / F / P / S

--Aryamehr Flag of Iran talk 15:57, 27 August 2008 (BST)

The moment the fictional content policy was decided upon you instantly added the template to as many pakistan articles you could think of, or asked in unnecessary large, bold writing for admin to do it. when people took it off of the page (because naturally people want a discussion first) you complained about it and continued to act out on pakistani articles you deemed fictional or unreferenced and have insulted Erepublik users who don't agree with you. it's obvious it is an attack on pakistan due to some stupid e-grudge.
Whether your actions (adding the fictional template) are correct or not IS NOT THE ISSUE. It is how you have been doing it. I want to make that very clear. (Rufus)Honestly 03:44, 28 August 2008 (BST)