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Follow up on your page and check for tags!

A few days after you have completed your citizen page, you need to return to the wiki to check for any tags or notices on your citizen page. As editors review your page, they might leave a comment on the talk page or your user talk page. Editors can also add a tag or a notice to the page to direct you to take some sort of action.

These are some of the common notices:

  • Stub - This page is unfinished. It needs text or an image
  • Formatting - This page is unfinished and needs formatting. This can mean the page needs a template or needs wikification (links to other pages in the wiki)
  • Translation - This page is not in English and needs translation or needs the application of the Language Menu function, for more information see Help:Tips
  • Ugly - The page is ugly and needs some help with the layout

If you see a tag on your page, take the action requested. Once you are finished you can remove the tag.

Click the Finished? tab for the next step!