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Images make the wiki MUCH more interesting.

To add your avatar to the citizen template on your page:

  1. On the template, there are extra characters in the picture field to display a placeholder graphic. Remove the extra characters so it looks like this: picture= |
    Template example
  2. Type the file name of your avatar into the picture field, for example we are using "Citizen1234567.jpg" NOTE: Replace 1234567 with your profile number.
  3. Click Preview. The page will refresh and you will see a red link with the file name, example "[[File:Citizen1234567.jpg]]". If a picture appears, it means that a picture with the same file name has already been loaded in the wiki.
  4. Click the link, the upload file page will appear
    Upload file wiki.png

    NOTE: If you won't have red link, and no picture uploaded under your CitizenID, simply open new tab by clicking on upload page in the left menu and upload the file as CitizenID.jpg.
  5. Click Browse to select your avatar picture from your computer
  6. In a summary please type [[Category:User Avatars]]
  7. Click Upload File. The screen will refresh and your avatar will appear on the screen.
  8. Click Back on your browser to return to your citizen page
  9. Click Preview to see your avatar in the template

When you will be adding pictures for something else (Party, Military unit, Maps, Screenshots...) usually the only difference is that you will need to use box brackets and be proceeded by the word "File", in our example that would be [[File:Citizen1234567.jpg]].

When you will be uploading other kind of pictures try to name it so it is easy to find - for example: Military unit Ratnici eSrbije have File:Ratnici eSrbije.jpg as their avatar.

For information about inserting images, see Image policy.

Click the Check up tab for the next step!