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Templates are pre-made styles that help users enter information, categorize pages, and make the wiki look more uniform.

Template:Citizen is used to build all citizen pages. This provides the most basic information about a citizen. Completing the template will place the page into the following categories: Citizens, and People of (Country).

To add the template to your page:

  2. Copy the ALL of the template text
  |elite= <!-- level 101 or more-->

  |country=<!-- use UK and USA if citizen of this countries-->
  |national rank=
  |party=<!--exactly as it is in the game, no abbreviations -->
  |faith=<!-- only approved religions -->


  |military rank=
  |aircraft rank=
  1. Paste the code into the page created in the previous step
  2. Enter data into the fields as needed (after the "=" sign). Leave the picture field for later. (For more information about what to put in each field, see Usage Notes below)
  3. Click Preview to check your work

TIP: If a line is not needed in the template, just leave it blank. It will not appear. There is no reason to delete it. You might need it later!

Usage Notes

Bolded lines should be on every page!

  • name - Name of your eRepublik citizen

Note: If you change your name during the game, please don't create new page with copy/paste system. Please move your old page to the new place. If you decide to change your name, try to remember what you read here!

  • number - Enter the numbers at the end of your profile URL (
  • picture - This is for your avatar picture that must be uploaded to the wiki. Please upload it as Citizen1234567.jpg for easier usage of the images. If you are still not 100 % sure how to upload picture, visit image section

Note: 1234567 should be replaced by citizen ID used ingame!!!


  • country - Is where you come from, you can specify the region in the residence field. Spell out all countries except for UK and USA
  • level - Experience Level
  • national rank - Your current national rank
  • birth - Is the date (or month) you became a citizen of eRepublik
  • death - This shouldn't apply now, but if the citizen has "died" or has been banned enter a death date (or estimation). This will put the page in the Category:Deceased.
  • sex - Gender
  • residence - Current Location
  • party - No ABBREVIATIONS!
  • faith - In-game faith (see: list of Approved religions & Religion Policy)
  • spouse - eRepublik partner
  • marriage - When was the marriage held
  • divorce - Date of the end of partnership
  • org1 - Organizations owned by you

Politics (Don't worry about this section if you have not held any elected offices. Leave the fields blank for the future.)

  • office1 - Your position (Congressman, President etc.)
  • office location1 - Country where office was
    • Office Location should be the country (if president or congress) or Party (if party president/leader)
  • term begin1 - Day of term being
  • term end1 - Day of term end
    • Write the dates out instead of just numbers because different countries place the month and the date differently. Use the format in the following examples: 13 March 2008 or March 13, 2008
  • under - Your boss
  • predecessor1 - Predecessor
  • successor1 - Successor
    • If you do not know the predecessor or successor to the office, leave it blank. If you enter "none" it will create a link to "none". DO NOT DO THIS.
      • You can put up to 20 offices in page. Just copy the code and replace number at the end (office1 -> office2)


  • army - Name of the military unit you belong to
  • squadron - Your Squad
  • position - Your position
  • military rank - Current military rank as shown ingame
  • aircraft rank - Current aircraft rank as shown ingame

Note: As citizen template automatically creates some links, it's a little tricky to change the displaying text. For this you'll need {{!}}-template. For example in your Politics section you can type: Congress member {{!}} Member of Parliament, which then links to Congress member but is displayed as Member of Parliament.

To learn more about other templates go to Help:Common templates.

Click the Write tab for the next step!