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This page documents an official eRepublik Wiki policy.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


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Proposed deletion is the way to suggest that an article is uncontroversially a deletion candidate. If this template is added to an article, the article will be deleted about 2 days later if nobody objects. If any user objects — usually by removing the tag — then the discussion of the deletion may be taken to that article's talk page for further discussion. User and User talk pages may also be deleted in the same way, but only if the user has no recent edits and has made few or no contributions to the encyclopedia.
Criteria for speedy deletion specify the limited cases where Sysops may delete Wiki pages or media without discussion.
NOTE: If you think that article has some potential, feel free to add Template:Warning - this template extends deletion time to 14 days and gives more time for original editor to update/improve it.

How it works

Articles tagged with the - Deletion - template will be checked over by an administrator after two days if there have been no objections by other users. If the reason given is valid then the article will be deleted.

See - Category:Articles for Deletion - for the listing of all articles currently proposed for deletion.

How to nominate

If you think that an article is an uncontroversial candidate for deletion:

  1. Add {{subst:Deletion|Reason|Your username}} to the top of the main article page. Tailor your reason to each individual article; generic messages are not helpful. Do not change any content from the page while adding the template, except link correction.
  2. Although not required, it is considered courteous to notify the article's creator and other significant contributors that you have proposed an article for deletion.
  3. Consider adding the article to your watchlist.



Deletion.png This page has been nominated for deletion - 09 December 2023

If you disagree with the deletion, share your thoughts on the matter at this article's talk page. (Read more)

This template was added by Admin for the following reason: This is an example of Template:Deletion.
This template also categorizes articles into Category:Articles for Deletion.

Wrong usage

If something is not displayed correctly in the Deletion tag, fix it without modifying the User name and the reason.
If the article was changed while the Deletion tag was added, revert the change and then put it back with the same User name and reason.

Removing a Deletion template because of wrong usage will be considered an act of vandalism.

Contesting a proposed deletion

Before deletion

If you do not agree that the article should be deleted without discussion you can do the following things:

  1. Explain why you disagree with the proposed deletion on the article's talk page.
  2. Remove the {{Deletion}} tag from the article.
  3. As a courtesy, notify the editor who initiated the deletion.
  4. While you're editing the article anyway, please consider improving it, especially to address the concerns given as a reason for deletion.

Not explaining why you disagree with the deletion BEFORE removing the Deletion tag will be considered an act of vandalism.

After deletion

If a page is deleted, do not write it again. Creating a deleted page without the consent of the Wiki Community in the Bar will be considered an act of vandalism.

Note: This doesn't apply to cases where the page has been deleted during archive process to "One" or "Rising" namespaces.

Any administrator may restore a deleted article upon a reasonable request.

Conflicts (contested deletions)

  1. If anyone, including the article's creator, removes a - Deletion - tag from an article for any reason, DO NOT PUT IT BACK in any circumstances.
  2. If you consider that the removal of the tag is an act of vandalism, contact one of the Sysops.
  3. If you still believe that the article needs to be deleted, bring arguments for this in the TALK PAGE.

Speedy deletion

Any Sysop may delete a page without a discussion based on one or multiple reasons used by Wikipedia.

Common speedy deletions:

  • Unused images that are older than 7 days
  • Redirects from Main space to User space
  • Test templates/pages in the user namespace
  • Duplicated articles
  • Articles in the wrong namespace (if applicable, will be moved to the correct namespace and the redirect from the move will be deleted)

Reasons for deletion

  1. Any criterion used in Wikipedia may be a reason for deletion of content in the eRepublik Official Wiki.
  2. The reasons stated above are declared null and void if they are not in accordance with eRepublik Official Wiki Policies.
  3. Any deletion case that cannot be resolved using this policy will be resolved by Sysops.

Forbidden deletions

No one has the right to blank/delete articles (in some cases even some small pieces) that are a part of eRepublik history just because original author opinion is that it has to be deleted.

Facts are a part of eRepublik and they slowly become a part of history and no one has the right to change history facts!