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This page documents an official eRepublik Wiki policy.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


Page Policies

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General Disclaimers and Legal Stuff

Wiki pages should have ad least one image (file) that improves the quality of that page. To help editors navigate and use images correctly, some rules have to be followed. The list of all images can be found in Category:Images.


First and most important is that wiki is not a hosting service. Because of it, we have some guidelines which you should follow when uploading the file.

  • Before you upload the image, please check the File list or Category:Images to find if the image is already uploaded.
  • If an image is not uploaded, please upload it so it can be "easy" to find. The best is to name the image for what it is, using the country name, alliance name, party name, military unit name or keywords so it can be searchable... Depending on what the image is about. You should follow the naming and categorization rules which can be found below.
  • Do not upload more than one image for the same thing, especially avatars for the same citizen - use re-upload option - visit the image you wish to update with a new version and click the link below it. Example: File:Battle-priorities.jpg


When you are uploading an image, please use standardization in naming them:

  • All Flags should be updated as Flag-{flag name}.
Example File:Flag-Croatia.jpg
  • All Coat of Arms should be updated as Coat-{coat or arms name}.
Example File:Coat-Uruguay.jpg
  • All Citizen and User logos should be updated as Citizen{Citizen ID}.
Example: File:Citizen1544872.jpg
Note: Additional citizen avatars have to have versions or to be re-uploaded in an existing file;
Examples: File:Citizen1629470 v2.jpg / File:Citizen2009160.jpg
  • All Maps should be updated as Map-{map name}. There are exceptions, view categories below.
  • All non-English language images, please add language name at the end of the file... File:Build Rocket (Slovenščina).png
  • All Ball icons should be uploaded as: Icon-(description)
Please note that Ball icons should be uploaded without spacing between dash
Examples: File:Icon-North Macedonia.png / File:Icon-Croatia.png
  • All Game icons used in the game should be uploaded following determined pattern set by administrators (usually each group of icons has its own predetermined rule to ease template creation and usage).
Example: All decoration images should be uploaded as: File:Decoration_(event name)_(description)
Examples: File:Decoration aircraft Air commodore gold.png / File:Decoration Founding Father Nigeria.png
  • All other images should be uploaded so that it is easy to understand about what the images is about, avoid random usage of numbers or letters.
  • It is recommended to put a description when uploading/updating the file.
  • ALL IMAGES NEED TO BE PUT IN A PROPER CATEGORY! (see Categorization below)


All images require a category and should have only one category. To ease up what category should be one of the following:

At this moment, DO NOT create new categories or subcategories, use one of the mentioned above.

  • If you think that additional category should be used, please discuss it in the Bar

If an image needs to be in more than one category - Sysops will do that.


If you have any questions on a proper categorization of the image, please contact the sysops or make a note on the Bar.