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This page documents an official eRepublik Wiki policy.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


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This policy describes the way that pages are to be named in the wiki. This is to add regularity and consistency in the naming of all wiki pages.

Game entity pages

Game entity pages refer to pages marked with Wiki Link blackbook.jpg icon in the game, e.g. citizen profiles and newspapers, parties, regions, etc.

  • Game entity pages should be named exactly as they are in game (this ensures that the wiki link works).
  • When a game entity is properly spelled with a special character (accent mark, tilde, umlaut, etc) the page should be named as it is in game, however, the editor can use the display title template ({{DISPLAYTITLE: Desired Page Name}}) to change the appearance of the page name (see Editing for details).

Region and country pages

  • Pages for regions and countries should be named as they are in the game.
  • Pages with more than one word in the title can have a redirect created for proper linking - ONLY to be created at the discretion of sysops.

War pages

Wars between the two countries are usually named: - Aggressor country vs Defendant country (example Poland vs Spain)

  • Wars between many entities such as a world or regional world are to be named by the consensus in the Bar, or by references from the game (example: World War V)

Other pages

  • Pages should not begin with an article (A, An, The) (example: Netherlands, not The Netherlands)
  • Pages should begin with a capital letter, all subsequent words should be lowercase (example: Trade embargo not Trade Embargo)
    • Exception is when it is the title of an article or an ingame name of something (example: The Arab Union Journal)


This is the list of article names that are used in the game with some or all capitalized letters:

These are also exceptions:

There are some other exceptions, but it is better to use the rule mentioned above about capitalization.

Pages other than English

  • Pages other than English should have an English page created first and then the translated page should be named with the language after it. (example: Profile --> Profile/Italiano)
  • More information about this can be found on Help:Translating Pages

Pages that begin with lowercase

Though many pages begin with lowercase letters - such as "eRepublik" - the page name is Capitalized by default (ERepublik). To correct this, put the display title template on the top of the article, which in this case would be: {{DISPLAYTITLE: eRepublik}}.

Please note that some templates already are automatically correcting this issue.

Images aka files

Next images should be named as following:

Full list can be viewed in the image policy.

Alliance pages

Alliance pages should be named with the full name of the alliance. If the alliance has an abbreviation, a redirect will be created from the abbreviation pointing to the English version of alliance page.