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De Netherlands WikiProject allows Dutch editors to discuss, manage, and organize the wiki pages related to Netherlands, including citizen, government, and history pages. It is focused on creating new content and updating important pages based on the Dutch community history in eRepublik.

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eRepublik Netherlands WikiProject.

Anyone who wants to help out the Netherlands by editing pages and keeping them up to date can be a part of this project. If you want to become a part of this project, you can add this badge to your user page with {{WPNetherlands User|Name}}. You can also add yourself to Category:WikiProject Netherlands members with [[Category:WikiProject Netherlands members]] on your USER page. (Do NOT put this badge on your Citizen Page.) To talk about this project or anything that needs to be done with it, please visit our discussion page.


The following are a few people that organize this project. If you need any guidance, they can help you.

Tim Veltkamp
Willem The Conqueror
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Please visit the discussion page and declare what you plan to do before adding or crossing out anything on this list.

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