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This page documents an official eRepublik Wiki policy.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


Page Policies

References & Fictional Content

General Disclaimers and Legal Stuff

The following page details policies to govern the pages that are included in the eRepublik Wiki.

General Policies

  • Only topics that are related to the game eRepublik are allowed in the wiki.
  • The content of the Wiki should be written from a third-person point of view, in a neutral and encyclopedic manner.

Minimum content policy


Bottom line: Every page needs to have at least one paragraph of text content you can't find directly from the eRepublik site.

  • Citizen and Newspaper pages should have at least few sentences of text content.
  • Military unit and Party pages should have a paragraph about history and current state.

If the requirements aren't met, the page will get a warning template and if nothing happens in two weeks, the page will be deleted.

Citizen Pages

Citizen pages are about the citizen/character/game entity from the game eRepublik. At minimum, the citizen page should have the citizen template Template:Citizen, avatar image, and text describing the citizen and his or her activities in the game. There must be at least one sentence of text content which can't be directly found from the eRepublik site. Citizen pages, like all other pages in the wiki, should be factual, neutral, and link to other wiki pages. The citizen page is not an advertisement or blog.

The page should be written in the third person. Citizen pages should refrain from including details that change often (skills, employers) that are readily evident on in game citizen pages. The only exception to this is the Achievement Templates.

If a wiki editor has a citizen page, he or she is welcome to place a link to his or her user page. However, the editor should not describe contribution or wiki activities on the citizen page, this information is for the user page.

Additional Information

The rationale of this policy is to create regularity with common design features. It also should guide users to keep pages relevant and current.

User Pages

User pages are created when an editor is given a wiki account. This page is for the wiki editor to talk about his or her real life or wiki contributions. The user talk pages are used to leave messages/have conversations with wiki editors. The editor should not create a redirect from his or her user page to the citizen page.

The user namespace can and should be used for the development of articles or templates. Pages in the user name space should not have categories or be linked to as a way to avoid the regulations of the wiki. The exception to this is when a template is being used with automatic categories.

Additional Information

Rationale: to keep citizen stuff on citizen page, editor stuff in user space.

Party, Organization, and Military Pages

These pages in the wiki should follow the guidelines for all wiki pages. They should be neutral, factual, and link to other pages. These pages must have at least a paragraph of text content which can't be found directly from the eRepublik site. These pages should not be advertisements or recruiting vehicles.

Additional Information

Navigation Boxes

Navigation boxes are boxes on pages that link related articles. For example:

Energy and what influences it

Recovering energy: FoodHouseWeekly challengePower packPower Pack Booster
Items: Energy barFirst aid kitWinter treatPumpkinCarrotIce creamBonbon
Spending energy: FightDeployGuerrilla fightsTrainWorkMoving ticket
Energy pool: HouseEnergy centerCentral parkSeveral Packs

Navigation box templates should use the standard template Template:Navboxes to maintain the common look of the wiki. Navigation boxes should be used sparingly and only to link related concepts. Navigation boxes should only be used on general interest pages, such as those describing game concepts. They should not be used on citizen pages.

These boxes can be used in the "User" name space, if the editor desires.

Additional Information

Rationale: In most cases, a navigation box isn't needed because it duplicates what can be found in wikilinks throughout the article or by clicking the category. Instead of creating a navigation box, editors are encouraged to work these links into the text of the article or create a "See Also" section.


Templates create a uniform look for the wiki. Templates provide summary information on the page, like those shown on Help:Common templates. Other templates provide navigation help to users, like the box in the top right corner of this page.

  • Common templates (like templates mentioned above - Template:Party, Template:Organization, etc) should NOT be modified without community approval. If you would like to make changes to one of these templates, please leave a message in the bar with your proposal.
  • Templates should only be created when used on more than one project.

The list of all templates can be found in Category:Templates.

Additional Information

Rationale: Templates are a great addition to the pages where one or several pieces of information have to be repeaten several times. Then if this piece of information has to be modified or changed it can be done simply on one page and it will effect all pages where the template was implemented.