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2013 Wiki Translation Project is aimed to get fully translated all the current Wiki articles about eRepublik . That's needed in order to improve the quality of in-game experience for new and even for the old players. The Project will start off with translating articles into the 26 languages which the game is available at the moment.


  • You must have a Wiki account
  • You must be a native speaker for language which you want to translate
  • You must candidate yourself, as described below, in order to take part in this project
  • All translations must be of a high standard (spelling and grammar wise)
  • All translations must be done without any kind of translation tool in order to receive better results
  • All editors which are not taking part in the project are asked not to make any translations to the game articles, as you will not receive a reward unless pages have been assigned to you.


  • From the date of creation of this page interested editors will have 7 days in order to signup as a translator of a certain language.
  • Each editor can only sign up once to the project with ONLY 1 account. Attempts to participate in the program with multiple accounts will result in withdrawal from the project.
  • After period of 7 days each candidate which has made it through as a translator will receive a list of 20 pages to translate within 30 days of receiving the list.
  • After a translator has translated 20 pages, they are eligible to claim their reward. Wiki administration will carefully review the translations and if no problems are found the translator will receive the reward within 14 days from the approval.
  • In cases where the translator was unable to translate all of the pages within set amount of time, the reserve translator will receive the list to finish off the translation.

We need translators for:

  • Albanian (8 translators + 4 reserve)
  • Arabic (10 translators + 5 reserve)
  • Brazilian (4 translators + 2 reserve)
  • Chinese (6 translators + 3 reserve)
  • French (7 translators + 3 reserve)
  • Hungarian (7 translators + 3 reserve)
  • Italian (7 translators + 3 reserve)
  • Romanian (8 translators + 4 reserve)
  • Russian (5 translators + 2 reserve)
  • Slovenian (11 translators + 5 reserve)
  • Taiwanese (4 translators + 2 reserve)
  • Turkish (5 translators + 2 reserve)
  • Ukrainian (7 translators + 3 reserve)

You can apply by going to talk page.