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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Day 529
Date of death late 2010
Residence Karnataka, USA
Sex Male
Newspaper The Beef
Congress member of USA
November 25, 2009 – December 25, 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Abayarde came into the New World on day 529 in New Jersey, USA.

He began working diligently in the Manufacturing Area and training daily to become a great worker and soldier. After immense research and deliberation, he became a Member of the United States Workers Party. He jumped in with both feet and joined the US Training Division and began the intense training required to become a United States Soldier.

Political Career

US Politics

Abayarde jumped into the political arena immediately, volunteering to help with political campaigns. He was assigned to help USWP Congressional Candidate Thomas. Anderson take the state of California. He personally sent messages to over 1500 people urging them to vote Anderson. Thomas. Anderson went on to win the California race by a landslide. In addition, Abayarde was called upon to help mass-message those in the state of Florida to move around the nation to help out USWP candidates. He sent over 500 messages to support that effort.

Washington Congressional Term

In November of 2009, Abayarde decided to throw his hat into the political ring and run for congress in the great state of Washington. He was humbled and grateful to all of his friends and supporters who donated their time, effort, and in some cases cash to help him become the first congressman in the newly recovered state of Washington. His congressional term was mostly uneventful, consisting mostly of donations to the CBO, and the renewal of MPPs, with the significant exception of the declaration of war against Japan, which eventually led to the EDEN capture of crucial Chinese territories. At the end of November, Abayarde decided that congress wasn't necessarily in the cards for the next month, and put his political career again on hold in favor of his military career.

International Politics

In addition to being involved in the USA, Abayarde was involved in the eNova project to bring together nations across the globe. He served as the project manager for Infrastructure, and maintains the behind-the-scenes magic that must occur for eNOVA to meet its mission.

Military Career

Platoon CO, US Training Division

After joining the US Training Division, Abayarde was singled out as an enthusiastic and active trainee and became the Bravo Squad Leader of the 9th Platoon, 2nd Company, US Training Division. Following 4 weeks of intense training, recommended by his Commanding Officer, Gerit Britlem jr to become a CO in the training division. Following a mysterious message from General Dczip, Abayarde took over the 1st Platoon, 1st Company, US Training Division. In this position, he trained and mentored many outstanding trainees over the course of his 3 month tenure including deployments to Turkey, France, Spain, Croatia, and North Korea. His first XO was Eric Brady, who went on to become the 11th Platoon CO. His second XO was (classified), he was hand-picked from the 1st Platoon Trainees, and has performed admirably.

Reserve Division CO, US Training Corps

In September of 2009, in accordance with the restructuring of the US Training Division, Lt Abayarde was graciously offered the opportunity to become Col Abayarde and to become the Commanding Officer of the new 3rd (US) Reserve Division. He tapped his first XO, EricBrady to become Major EricBrady, the new Division XO. In January of 2009, Colonel Abayarde and his 1st Division Counterpart, Colonel Relin, were awarded Level 3 commendations for their service to the US Training Corps and were given discretionary promotions to the rank of Brigadier General. Shortly thereafter Brigadier General Relin was called up to serve as the XO of the USTC following the retirement of Lt General Teucer to serve in the United States Airborne. A few short weeks later, General Relin was again tapped for promotion, taking over as General of the Training Corps after the retirement of the beloved General Angelini to move on to the United States Marine Corps.

Executive Officer of the US Training Corps

In February of 2010, the beloved Angelini stepped down from her post as General of the Training Corps, leaving the reins to now General Relin, a savvy, intelligent, and extremely competent officer. After being selected, Relin chose Abayarde to serve as his Executive Officer, managing such duties as chief of staff, and of course a deputy commander of the Corps. Lt Gen Abayarde has since stepped down as the XO of the Training Corps.

Military Decorations

Ribbon - Joint Chiefs of Staff - Chief of Staff.png
Silver service star Ribbon - USTC Officer.png

Ribbon - USTC Level 3 Commendation.pngRibbon - Far Eastern Russia Campaign.pngRibbon - Operation Turkish Delight.png
Ribbon - WWIII.pngRibbon - Frostbite Ivan Campaign.pngRibbon - Operation Hungary Hungary Hippos.png
Ribbon - WWIV American Campaign in Asia.pngRibbon - Operation Deadcoat.pngRibbon - Operation Captain Kangeroo.png

-JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF RIBBON (with bronze star)
-TRAINING CORPS SERVICE RIBBON (with one silver star)


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif - Hard Worker Medal - 8 Times
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif - Super Soldier Medal - 3 Times
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif - Congress member - 1 Time

Military offices
Preceded by
LTG Teucer
Executive Officer of the United States Training Corps Succeeded by
LTG Bia Pandora
Preceded by
GEN Relin
Commanding General of the United States Training Corps Succeeded by
GEN Bia Pandora