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Academia de Aviatie
Logo of Academia de Aviatie
Owner Republic of Moldova
Country Flag-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova
Headquarters Flag-Republic of Moldova.png Chisinau
Founded Juin, 23 2020
Founder Republic of Moldova
Services Guvernamental organization

The Director of Academia de Aviatie (English: Airforce Academy) is tasked with handling Airforce Academy Decebal II Program, monitoring the airforce fights and stats, and issuing reports on supported playes in program.

The coordinator and administrator of the Aiforce Academy is Stephan Condurachis

Aviators participating in the Aiforce Academy program are:

Week 1: katze.17, Joramd91, Enyon09, Domnul Bogdan, Bielo Hatman, The Hollow, xXSouLBurneRXx, Danielius Maximus, DacianDraco, navzar, HashPe and Gikkku

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