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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
National rank 158
Date of birth 31 May 2009 - Day 558
Date of death 01 June 2010
Residence China,Punjab
Faith Dioism
Position Member
Military rank Icon rank Private.png Private
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

About AcepilotF14

AcepilotF14 is a recent addition to Pakistan, and is very likely a 12 year old catgirl. Despite this crippling fact, she manages to write articles about daily life and typical news in Pakistan.


She has about 28 friends at eRepublik

Political Career

Not Joining Any Political Party ----> Still Looking For The Best Party


Top Damage: 0.00 for Icon-Pakistan.png Achieved while trying to defend ---- against ---- on day 1,770

AcepilotF14 currently serves as the Private


Press Director of Weeaboo Weekly [1]

Extract From the Weeaboo Weekly:

A Nice Day in Pakistan

I am a new citizen of Pakistan, being under two months here in this great nation. And what I have seen here is amazing, and pure, and it has humbled me to the point of exhaustion. So, I am here to tell you the story of my first day here in this great nation of Pakistan. Praise Dio, for he is the one who brought me to all of you, and to him.

It was June, or maybe July, and I got an instant message on my computer from a dear friend, Rimtlan. Now, before I came here, I lived in the USA, a nation of dirty traitors and generally horrible people. I would walk down to the market every day, to pick up a batch of apples, when I would be cavorted endlessly by 'lulz' and Emerick propaganda. I became sick of it all. In any case, my good friend Rimtlan said that I should come to Pakistan, where all were free- I said, 'why the hell not?' and bought a plane ticket. It was a long flight, with very few people on board. The one other man, who seemingly picked a spot right next to me for no apparent reason(as there were several more spots all along the plane), began speaking to me in an odd manner. He told me of how Pakistan should have a 'new age', and that he needed help if he and his colleagues were to achieve this. READ MORE BY CLICK THIS--->>[2]



Achievements until e-day 1.770 of New World

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 01x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 02x Congress Member
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 00x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 00x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 01x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 00x Society Builder
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 00x True Patriot
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 00x Resistance Hero


Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif 00x Mercenary