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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 22 May 2007
Date of death May 2013 (est)
Residence Washington
Sex male
Mayor of Montgomery
July, 2007 – August, 2007
Congress member of Georgia
26 December, 2008 – 26 January, 2009
Preceded by jankems
Succeeded by Lazor
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kenneth Sutton is an in-game character that was born in Alabama during the Beta Era. He was mayor of Alabama and Congressman of the Democratic Party in June 08. He was also congressman of Georgia for the Conservative Party. Kenneth Sutton was the second person to hold the office of QMG (from October 20 until December 20 in 2008) and one of the only three individuals to serve as QMG for the entire U.S. Military. He is the Press director of The Global Perspectives, formerly known as The Real Media and Psychologically Diseased.

Kenneth death is unknown but there is a belief that he was reincarnated as Acidify (2014-2015).



Sutton's life began in Montgomery, Alabama. He was a stubborn little child and dream of someday becoming the mayor of the state of Alabama. During Sutton's day, Alabama was one of the deadest states in the Union. Sutton decided to run for mayor in July 08 and won with only 4 votes uncontested.

Beginning of Political Life

Entry into Public Light

On August 08, Sutton decided not to re-run for mayor in Alabama and moved to California. In California, Sutton ran one of the most dirtiest campaigns in the history of USA. At the time, the mayor of California was Ikenstein. Sutton tore into Ikenstein, accusing him of operating the state of California like a Death camp. Sutton then released one of the most vigorous attacks in the history of USA, writing an article comparing Ikenstein to some of the most infamous leaders in history. That July, despite Sutton vigorous campaigning, Ikenstein won the election by a wide margin. This was Sutton's first insight into how ineffective dirty campaigns were.

Sutton's Redemption

In September, shortly after losing his mayoral campaign in California, intel was released exposing a plot by the Libertarian Party, involving Ikenstein, to destroy the United States from within. The plot involved Libertarian Party President and US President Martin Sunter organizing mayors in the Western Region of the United States, including mayor Ikenstein, and rebelling to start a new country. Soon after the scandal was exposed, mayor Ikenstein transferred 4253.42 USD from the California treasury into his account and fled to exile in Finland. Afterwards, Sutton rants were praised but soon forgotten and his repetition was restored.

National Political Career

First Congressional Run

After the mayoral disputes of the Beta Era, Sutton remained in California. After a short break, he joined RFC and was offered a chance to run for congressman of California. It is said that Sutton reached out to ever eligible voter in the State of California, asking for their vote, and messaged Californian citizens that where online on election day and had not voted. Early in the day, Sutton started off with a significant lead. By mid-day, Sutton lead had dropped to 29-36, with AidenAstrup of USWP leading. At the end of the day, Sutton and AidenAstrup were tied with Sutton being projected the winner. Within 3 mins of the polls closing, a final vote came in. The final tally was 51-52, declaring AidenAstrup the new Congressman of California.

Second Congressional Run

On December 08, Sutton was asked to moved to Georgia for a congressional run. The Party President of RFC, Desertfalcon, decided that the party badly needed a seat that was guaranteed and decided that Sutton was a sure win in Georgia based on his California campaign. There were four candidates running in Georgia, Sutton won the election with 9 votes, more then the other three candidates combined.

Military Life

Sgt Major

Sutton began as a Sgt Major in the US Military. After being temporary stripped of his position by General Moishe for breaking the chain of command and taking orders directly from President Benn Dover, Sutton contacted President Dover and formulated a plot to trick Moishe into believing that Sutton was not actually taking military orders directly from the President. President Dover claimed that he was paying Sutton from his personal org to carry out specific duties. Although this was far was the truth, it saved Moishe's ego and Sutton's position.

Rise To QMG

Moishe, believing the she wrongly demoted Sutton, offered him a promotion to the leader of a division. Soon after, due to differences with Moishe, logomaster resigned his post as the first ever QMG. Moishe, believing that a war in South America was going to take place within days, asked Sutton to accept the position of QMG in order to quickly supply the troops for the upcoming conflict.

After a few months, Sutton honorably resigned as QMG. Sutton described QMG as by far the most stressful and least rewarding job in the United States. After leaving the office of QMG, Sutton stated, "I am happy to escape that hell hole. I have great empathy for those who hold this office in this future, as only a few men will experience the responsibility, stress, and little to none appreciation that comes with this job". Not long after Sutton's resignation, the task of QMG was split amongst military branches. Instead of one individual funding an entire military, each branch was allocated a QMG to supply them with their needs.

Sutton succeded logomaster304 on this position, and after Sutton's resignation, his successor was Kyle321n.