Adam Maxe

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Dead citizen

Adam Maxe

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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth 664 Sep 14, 2009
Date of death Unknown
Residence Gotland
Sex Male
Married to Eva
Newspaper Crimson News
Congress member of Gotland
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**

Adam Maxe was a citizen of Sweden.


Adam was a member of the Swedish Military.


Adam was a member of the Swedish communist party "Folket" (later known as MSAP). There is a belief that he left Folket as Adam didn't like that party is becoming more and more like a totalitarian party as he is a Communist and Socialist.

He later becomes a member of the Swedish Social-Democratic party "Folkhemsdemokraterna" (FHD) (Eng: Peoples home democrats) where he becomes Congress candidate and enters Swedish Congress on several occasions. All of his manifests are written in his newspaper "Crimson News".


Adam is a type of Communist but he has left the Swedish communist party (Folket/MSAP). He left Folket because he thought the other party members had become too extreme. But he didn't leave directly, he stayed for a while and acted as an infiltrator for the Social-democrat party (FHD) which he then had started to sympathise with and wanted to join, but he was afraid that FHD wouldn't make it for so long. He was afraid that Folket would try to get them away. So for a while, he was gathering information to one of his friends Per-Fredrik which was the one recruiting him. But when his time as an infiltrator was over he couldn't take the fact that he had betrayed his former comrades, so he decided to make an apology to his former friends and asked for forgiveness in an article. He was forgiven by Folkets "former" party leader but not by the party itself.

The Infiltration itself was pretty much a success and Adam managed to gain some information worth taking notice to, although Folket (MSAP) luckily never really intended to PTO Folkhemsdemokraterna, yet Adams supervisor still said that the gathered information was still worth having. The entire operation was soon after forgotten cuz no one was hurt and it never made any greater damage to neither Folket (MSAP) or FHD.

The Wife

Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)
Adam Maxe´s wife, doing some training, don't mess with her!

Adam has also been known within the party thanks to the fact that he is "Pagan Married" to a woman he met in the African savanna, this woman looked like.... a beast. And she lived alone in the Savannah. Adam, who had come to Africa to do volunteer work but ended up getting lost from the group and then got lost in the wilderness, and what he did not know was that he was being watched and after about two days when Adam was about to collapse, she made her move, within a few seconds Adam was down and then tied to a tree. She did give him water enough so he would survive and manage to speak, she asked him (in Swedish too) what he was doing there, where he came from. Adam, who during this time had never been with a female like this before (all alone with her) was often afraid that she would kill him, now you might think that Adam is a little chicken but trust me, you would be afraid as well, cuz this woman was no ordinary woman. This woman was about 2 meters tall and her body was filled with muscles. But after some time Adam managed to make himself free from being tied up to the tree for one and a half day. He ran as fast as he could, but was soon back tied up. The woman was both extremely fast as well, he had to learn that the hard way.

The weeks past and Adam started to think he was going to die like this, tied to a tree, by a barbarian woman. By the god's name he almost longed for death to come and take him away, but then, the woman who he before thought was going to kill him brought him a large cup of water which she let him drink from. After a while she untied him, Adam had no idea what was going on, why was she letting him go now? She was not going to kill him?

But when Adam tried to just walk away to get to a village a few days walk away, the woman once again attacked him, struck him to the ground. Now Adam was really pissed and let out a large scream "What in gods name is wrong with you?" She then suddenly took a knife and took a grip of Adams hand where she cut him right in his hand, then she cut her own and then she took him and again and she squeezed their hands together, and the pain was terrible. Adam was now so angry, he lifted his other arm and shoved it away, hitting her right in the stomach, she falls to the ground in pain and Adam then saw his chance to run. And he ran and he ran until he was at the village where he screamed for help, a few people asked what he was doing in the Savannah for so long? He told them what had happened, and when they heard of the woman and what she had done to his, now bandaged, hand, they then explain to Adam that the woman had marked him. Marked me? Adam asked. It seems like she had marked him as "her" property and hers alone.

Adam was now afraid that she would come back, so decided to leave immediately and go back to Sweden. But the next day, he was gone, simply disappeared. The locals say that the woman had come to him during the night and stole him away.

A few years later, Adam was found again, but not in Africa, in Sweden, no one had seen him travel there by plane or boat or any other kinda of rental vehicle, when asked, he simply answered: Me and my wife walked home, and every time someone asks about what had happened during the time he was gone, he simply smiles but never answers!

Homonavian Union

Adam was one of the Main character in "Officially" electing the Homonavian flag, name etc. He started up a larger "National Election" in Sweden, as one in Denmark had already been done (in positive to the Union) The Vote was kept on for 2 days and in the end, the Name "Homonavia" was elected and the flag was elected as well.

The final results became the creation of Homonavian Union. The flag is a combination of the Swedish and the Danish flags, and with an added ring of Starts to symbolise the two nations Unity in the Union!

The Union has been ruled by President Valnad, who has claimed the title "High-Commander of Homonavia".