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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth July 22, 2009
Date of death 2013 (est)
Residence Washington
Sex Male
Newspaper The Treasure Map,
later known as
Written Word
Minister of Defense of Israel
April 5,2010 – June 5, 2010
Succeeded by MatanB
Director of Mossad of Israel
June 5,2010 – N/A
Served under Perfect.Knight
Preceded by Sam Krakower
Congressman of Israel
8 terms –
Minister of Immigration of Israel
Served under Sadeh Badeh
Preceded by Bennychka
Vice president of Israel
September 5,2009 – October 5, 2009
Served under Cj Will Win
President of Israel
September 6, 2010 – October 6, 2010
Preceded by Dean Michaely
Succeeded by Gavin Wax
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal*.png Field Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Aeroner joined eRepublik on day 609 on the New World. He started out in Icon-Israel.png Israel, and assumed many positions while in Israel.

He was regarded as one of the "Old Guard" in Israel, because he has been there the longest, among such others as Zaib Atsu, Sadeh Badeh, Sam Krakower, among others.

Aeroner has been Vice President of Israel on Cj Will Win, and his term was highly contested as many think he did a poor job. As time wore on, though, Aeroner proved to be a great addition to the community, or at least that's what they told him. Throughout his tenure in Israel, he experienced the treasury being stolen 4 times, in many different administrations.

He witnessed 5 major civil wars, the majority of which began late into his time in Israel. As time wore on, Aeroner became Minister of Defense a total of 5 times. While being Minister of Defense, Israel was invaded twice, once under Franz Kafka and once under Perfect.Knight.

Aeroner also served as Minister of Immigration under Sadeh Badeh, at a time where a PTO was imminent. He was also involved in the controversial "Peace Agreement With Turkey". He had supported the movement strictly to keep Israel safe from PTO, and out of harm's way. The movement was eventually shot down in Knesset, as he had discussed it with the leaders of the government, and contrary to his thoughts at the beginning, asked the Knesset to vote No on the proposal. Towards the end of Aeroner's time in Israel, he became President. During his presidency, the "ethnic" war between RL Israelis and Americans was flaring to an all time high, and he spent much of his presidency keeping down dissenters and instigators, to control the situation.

Aeroner was also Party President of The Likud Party for many months, and he eventually changed the name to The Consolidation Party. Although he tried very hard to keep it from going under, the overall inactivity in the party and in Israel caused the downfall of the party, which eventually morphed into The Lantern Society, a brainchild of SoulSalvage.

Aeroner has been involved in many of the fights between rival factions within Israel, although has tried to take a mediator's approach to every battle. However, towards the end of his stay in Israel, Aeroner lashed out at both sides, to try to settle them down, but as always, the sides remained the same, and the war continues to ravage the community.

Upon his return to Icon-USA.png USA he was a member of Federalist Party.

Aeroner has held positions in the American government, the most recent being Deputy Chief of Staff under President Alexander Hamilton.

Aeroner was ranked High Rebel in the Counter Revolutionary Forces. He was the leader of one of the CV's Communes.

Government offices
Preceded by
Dean Michaely
14th President of Israel
September, 5 2010 - October, 5 2010
Succeeded by
Gavin Wax