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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth October 14th 2008
Date of death End of 2010 (est)
Residence Ohio
Sex Male
Newspaper Financial Times
Congress member of California
26 November 2008 – April 2009
Minister of Immigration of USA
18 December 2008 – January 2009
Chief of staff of USA
May 6th – May 20th
Preceded by Tiacha
Succeeded by Inwegen
Congress member of Massachusetts
26 November 2009 – N/A
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***

AidenAstrup (aka Aiden) was a businessman and former politician from the USA. Hewas is the owner of a private organization t'jelle, Former Director of the United States Workers Party Business Affairs Department, and 14x Congress member, representing mostly California and Massachusetts.

United States Workers Party

Wellness Center Director

On the 24 of November 2008, Makowski promoted AidenAstrup to Wellness Center Director after being privately emailed by AidenAstrup on the USWP forums requesting the empty position. Since then there has been an increase of activity in the exchange program, the USWP Hand to Hand Fund will become active once more. AidenAstrup also divided the USA and has appointed Wellness Center Officers to each of the sections to improve the number of partners in the Exchange Program. On January 3rd, AidenAstrup left this position to pursue the USWP Business Affairs Department Director.

Congressional Whip

On December 16th, after Rocco Baldelli was elected USWP Party President, AidenAstrup was contacted by Rocco and offered the position of USWP Congressional Whip. On December 25th when AidenAstrup officially became a congressman, he was given the position.

Business Affairs Department Director

On January 2nd, Lukasz Makowski announced his retirement as USWP Business Affairs Department Director. AidenAstrup quickly emailed the temporary Party President ProggyPop and soon to be Party President Scrabman requesting the position. On January 3rd, he received the position stepping down as Wellness Center Director. Aiden will be leaving the position to Jomichka and moving to an unknown position within the USWP.


Congress member

In November, AidenAstrup decided to run for Congress under the United States Workers Party. On election day, it was between AidenAstrup and Kenneth Sutton - AidenAstrup was in the lead for most of the day, but Sutton sent out emails around 10 pm, allowing AidenAstrup to win by one point. Since that night, AidenAstrup has sent out a multitude of emails to California citizens, explaining his platform and urging all citizens to contact him if they have any questions. He was a member of the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th United States Congresses.

Secretary of Society

On December 18th 2008, AidenAstrup was informed that he was given the position of Secretary of Society on Benn Dovers Presidential Cabinet and would be looking over the Board of Education, Citizen Expansion Program, etc.

Wellness Committee Director Assistant

During Justinious's cabinet, scrabman was given the position of Wellness Committee Director and was allowed to choose anyone to assist him. He sent Aiden the opportunity to be his assistant and select citizens to spearhead new programs. scrabman also chose Aiden, because he was working on a project at the time under his position as USWP Business Affairs Director that could be promoted by the Wellness Committee.

Meals On Wheels Director

Aiden was given the opportunity to run the government "welfare" program Meals On Wheels during Uncle Sam's presidency. The program received 4,000 USD to send food to new citizens. It received almost 30 requests each day. That number has been slowly increasing. Aiden stepped down from the position after being selected as scrabman's next Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

AidenAstrup was nominated by Inwegen to become Chief of Staff on scrabman's third term cabinet and scrabman endorsed him also.

Impeachment Law

On the last day of Congress in February (Day 463), AidenAstrup proposed an impeachment of President Uncle Sam, (according to him as a joke). Although expected to be rapidly voted down, at one point it received the necessary 66% of votes needed to impeach the president.

Several citizens saw fit to denounce both congress for voting to impeach and AidenAstrup, for proposing what they viewed as an unwarranted impeachment.

In the end, the proposal was defeated, concluding with 40:23 votes against it.


AidenAstrup was invited to move to Peru once it was created by Gilroy and set up the country from scratch. Excited by the new opportunity, AidenAstrup founded the first Peruvian Party: The Peruvian Excellence Party. He established it as the leading Peruvian Party, it became the lead in Congress and eventually placed Chisholm into the Presidential Seat.



AidenAstrup founded and is the CEO of t'jelle which owns t'jelle Bank and ERepublik Stock eXchange (ERX) and is worth over 25,000 Gold as of October 2010.

T'jelle bank

AidenAstrup created the first bank, t'jelle Bank in eRepublik to ever last more than a month. It has become the largest and most secure bank with over Icon-gold.gif 14,000 GOLD in deposits and has been in operation since June of 2009.


AidenAstrup brought ERepublik Stock eXchange (ERX) to life after it sat idle for years and managed to garner nearly 11,000 users in just a few months.

GF Day

AidenAstrup was one of the citizens that was banned on GF Day (30 June 2010).

A citizen of USA and a community moderator, Necrosis leaked his moderator account details on the US forums around 17:15 eRepublik time. Leaked password caused many things like changing names of newspapers, moving them to another account, giving people medals and banning other citizens...

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