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Products and Raw materials:

Icon - Food Q3.png Icon - Weapon Q6.png Icon - Aircraft Listing.png Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Icon - House Q1.png Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Icon - Aircraft Weapon Raw Materials.png Icon - House Raw Materials.png

Aircraft weapon is used by citizens on the battlefield in the aircraft battles. Aircraft weapons can increase the amount of damage made in the battles.

Aircraft weapons can be categorized in two main categories: normal and special.

Normal aircraft weapons

Normal aircraft weapons are ones that can be produced in aircraft weapon factories and sold/bought on marketplace.


Aircraft weapons are made in aircraft weapon factories by using the aircraft weapon raw materials.

Aircraft weapon qualities

The effectiveness of aircraft weapons in combat depends on their quality. The higher quality aircraft weapons will perform much better than lower quality ones.

An aircraft weapon's quality level determines two characteristics: durability and fire power:

Quality Icon Durability (uses) Fire power (%)
Q1 Icon - Aircraft Q1.png 1 20
Q2 Icon - Aircraft Q2.png 2 40
Q3 Icon - Aircraft Q3.png 3 60
Q4 Icon - Aircraft Q4.png 4 80
Q5 Icon - Aircraft Q5.png 5 100

An aircraft weapon's durability determines how many times it may be reused before having to be disposed of. For example, a Q1 aircraft weapon can only be used once, while a single Q5 aircraft weapon can be used to attack five times. On the other hand, an aircraft weapon's firepower determines how much bonus damage it can inflict.

Special aircraft weapons

There are also special aircraft weapons that can be used by soldiers in aerial battles that are acquired in a different way besides normal production in the aircraft weapon factories.

Special weapons:

Bazooka Rocket Small bomb Big bomb Cruise missile Annihilator Batzooka

Special aircraft weapon:

AIM-92 Stinger

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