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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
Date of birth 17 November 2008
Date of death March 2009
Residence Free State
Sex Male
Newspaper The South Africa Guardian
Congress member of South Africa
Military rank Icon rank Private*.png Private*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ajay was a citizen of South Africa. Born on the 17th of November 2008 and died in early 2009.


Ajay was born in Free State, South Africa. Homeless and hungry Ajay got a job at Peacewise DS - Q1a a Defense system company owned by INGSOC. He worked and still does work for a salary of 7 ZAR. Saving up money for Weapons, Moving Tickets, Food and other necessities in the New World.

Knowing he would need some war experience Ajay moved to the region of Lapland in Norway to fight in the Finnish Independence War, that was taking place in Western Finland. While in Norway he got a job at KBV food owned by Baveka-Corp for 2 NOK per day.

After using all his Weapons Ajay flew back to his home in Free State, South Africa. Upon returning he got a job at Paradise Housing owned by nicefarid. He also took up politics and joined the Black Lion Front his reasons for joining was that they seemed to be the only South African party doing what's best for South Africa. The others were either inactive or run by foreign forces looking out only for their own.

The Congress Elections in November saw Ajay's party the Black Lion Front field 11 Candidates. While the main Croatian party only fielded 5 Candidates. As the number of candidates running was small everyone was guaranteed to get a place in Congress. Ajay voted for the first time in this election. On this day he also started up his own Newspaper The South Africa Guardian and wrote his first article in Erepublik. To round off a good day he got a raise from his 5 ZAR Salary to 6 ZAR after reaching 2 Skill in Construction. He also bought a Q1 House at this time. Meaning he no longer had to sleep on the streets.

President Sucko had been impeached. The country should have had Deus Ex as President but a bug prevented it. Meaning South Africa was without a President at least officially. During this turbulent time, Ajay enlisted in the South African Army. Getting appointed Captain of Alpha Company by General Moishe. An appointment he accepted with pride.


With Croatia established South Africa was losing citizens and companies. With Free Africa candidate compmage winning the Presidency on December 5th. Ajay moved jobs twice due to companies going bust. He moved to "Icehouse" builder on December 5th but it ran out of money by December 11th. With no Construction jobs going Ajay moved to a food company PodravkaQ3 earning less money than before.

Also Moishe left South Africa in December after the elections. Meaning the army was reformed and Ajay was demoted to a sergeant by the new Minister of Defence.

Ajay on December 14th decided to return to Paradise Housing as his best skill was still construction. The company was under new management as most Croatian South Africans were selling off their companies to have money to start up companies in Croatia.

December 16th Ajay announced he was running for Congress in Free State for the first time[1]. Saying that the New Year would need a New face in Congress to help lead South Africa into 2009.

Places Visited

Region/Country Reason Date of Arrival Date of Departure
Free State,Icon-South Africa.png South Africa Country of Birth 17 November 2008 21 November 2008
Lapland,Icon-Norway.png Norway Fighting for Finish Independence 21 November 2008 24 November 2008
Free State,Icon-South Africa.png South Africa Returning home. 24 November 2008 N/A

Media Career

Ajay is Press director of The South Africa Guardian. A Newspaper he created on November 25th, 2008.

Employment History

Company Owner Quality Level Started Ended Country
Peacewise DS - Q1a INGSOC 1 Star 17 November 2008 21 November 2008 Icon-South Africa.png South Africa
KBV food Baveka-Corp 3 Star 21 November 2008 24 November 2008 Icon-Norway.png Norway
Paradise Housing nicefarid 1 Star 24 November 2008 05 December 2008 Icon-South Africa.png South Africa
"Icehouse" builder Unity in Diversity 1 Star 05 December 2008 11 December 2008 Icon-South Africa.png South Africa
PodravkaQ3 CRO holding 2 3 Star 11 December 2008 14 December 2008 Icon-South Africa.png South Africa
Paradise Housing so abdarchi 3 Star 14 December 2008 N/A Icon-South Africa.png South Africa

Political Party History

Logo Name Date Joined Date Left
Party-Black Lion Front.jpg Black Lion Front 24 November 2008 N/A

Military Details

  • Ajay was a Captain of the Alpha Company in the South African Army.

Military Stats

Icon skill strength.gif Icon Private.jpg Number of Fights Total Force
4.287 Private 6 41


  • Wars Ajay has been part of:
War Side Battle Fights Total Force
Finnish Independence War Icon-Finland.png Finland Western Finland 6 41


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x1)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x1)