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Praetorian Avatar.jpg
Nationality Flag-Romania.png Romanian
Date of birth 23.09.2009 - Day 673 of the New World
Date of death 2012
Residence Dobrogea
Sex Male
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Alephan was born on a cloudy day of 23.09.2009 in Muntenia, Romania. A long period he travelled around the world so that he could develop his skills in various domains. After this, his love for Romania brought him back in Muntenia where he's trying military and politics at the same time.

Military History

In January 2010 was recruited in the Praetorian Guard military group.

In September 2011, after a period of Cryogenics he came back in Praetorian Guard military group.

Political History

On 20th of January 2010 he applied for the first time as a Congressman in Plovdiv, Romania having by his side the party eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati, the military group Praetorian Guard and a lot of friends. Despite the fact that he won the elections on 25th of January 2010, he couldn't take the Congress chair because of a military event: Serbia conquered Plovdiv region just before the election's deadline.

From 25th of September 2011, he became a member of Partidul Liberal.

Alephan in Media


A newspaper that combined photography and text, owned by Alephan.

Medals Won

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 11x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 1x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 21x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 1x Society Builder
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 7x True Patriot