Alexander C Kraynor

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Dead citizen

Alexander C Kraynor

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth October 14, 2009 Day 694 of the N.W.
Date of death summer 2010
Residence Illinois, USA
Sex Male
Secretary of Communications of The Bull Moose Party
December 11, 2009 – 2010
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Before Life

Being an obsessive and politically involved person in real life, Alexander C Kraynor was always intrigued by another opportunity to sacrifice more of his free time to something that will never offer a reward to him later in life. He was approached by Stormin's real life alter ego, and was asked to join eRepublik via the link that he provided him. Unbeknownst to Kraynor at the time, this allowed Stormin to gather a sum of 5 Gold once he reached level 6 and help the eUSA's population increase. Yet, Kraynor could not pass up an opportunity to forfeit more of his invaluable time to a pointless online browser game.

Early Life

Alexander C Kraynor was born on day 694 of the New World (October 14th, 2009), and found himself quickly engrossed in the seeming abyssal nature of eRepublik. It is uncertain exactly where Kraynor got his start, but some believe that he had worked for Kono Oil. He soon joined in the society building trend and convinced dozens of his real life friends to commit social suicide by wasting all of their time in the New World. To his dismay, most of them joined but did not follow the link that he explicitly told them to use, and so he was unable to make as large a profit from this as he had hoped. This unfortunate turn of events, was only countered by the immense feeling of ePatriotism that he was overjoyed with, by giving the USA just a few more citizens with which it could crush all of its opposition. He invested his gold in the money market, and was able to turn a small profit by trading foreign currencies. The money generated by his transactions allowed him to buy his first Q1 house which never was truly lived in by himself. A series of real life conflicts forced Kraynor to withdraw from the new world, effectively leaving his online persona poor, jobless, starving, and - because he had donated everything he owned to Stormin - cold. In order to return the favor, Stormin, along with a few other real life contacts (i.e. William Taremsen), offered money to Kraynor to help him get back on his feet, so to speak. He soon applied for a job at Pirate oil and, with the money in his pocket, was able to start anew. On December 11, 2009 Kraynor was asked by Stormin, now the cofounder of the Bull Moose Party, to act as Secretary of Communications due to his above average writing capability. Due to his low wages, Kraynor was forced to again become temporarily unemployed so that he could find a much more profitable job. He applied to Beaver Wood 80+ Wellness, and after about a week of higher wages, he saw his paycheck slowly getting smaller and smaller. It was at this point that Kraynor decided to apply for a job at bull Moose Oil, a Q1 company owned and operated by the Bull Moose Party, being paid $1 USD per day. Although these wages were barely living wages on Q1 food, his recently purchased new Q1 house was able to make up for the difference. Kraynor immediately recognized his obligation to ensure the success of the party for which he sacrificed so much of his time, and so he was willing to seek alternative means of subsistence in order to offer his labor to BM Oil.

Last known

Alexander C Kraynor was acting as the Secretary of Communications for the relatively new, up-and-coming Bull Moose Party. In this position, he provided party news and writes editorials on major events of the day for the Rough Rider Bulletin. He also maintained a personal newspaper, The Fabian Times, which published three articles.

Kraynor has expressed intent to run for the party presidency for the Bull Moose Party in the upcoming election. He also wished to get involved in a military organization such as the Training Core, and eventually the Home Guard. Plans have been drawn up to create a series of companies to be managed by Mr. Kraynor. There was also the possibility of him running for a congressional seat, however that never happened.


Kraynor wrote the first article of the Rough Rider Bulletin entitled We're Comin' Out! Guns Ablazin'!!!. This article gave an immediate boost to Bull Moose Party membership, a 32% increase overnight, bringing the total membership from 28 to 41.

The first Constitution of The Bull Moose Party was written by Mr. Kraynor.