Alliance of Developing Countries

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Flag of ADC
Formation November 28, 2017[1]
(Day 3661)
Type Military
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
Secretary-General Blackbeard I
Members 1
Newspaper ADC Press

The Alliance of Developing Countries (abbr. "ADC") was a proposed military alliance planned to consist of small countries that are not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc.

The founding member were supposed to be Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland and Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova; however, Congress of the latter voted against the project and the idea was eventually dropped.


On November 28th, 2017 (Day 3661 of the New World) ADC was founded by Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland to organise the defence of member countries and smaller countries from hostile political and militaristic take-overs.

The ADC was meant for all countries who seek economic and militaristic success.


Despite having being imagined as a military focused alliance, it also aimed to help member nations to develop its economic and militaristic potential, as well as to develop political discourse between and within member nations. Several projects were planned in the initial days of the alliance by the first leaders to stimulate the economies of all nations.

The main goals of the alliance were broken up into several stages of projects that would help each country incrementally. This involved generating funds for military defence and the reorganisation of each member nation's national military, continuing economic projects that will burgeon each member nations economy, the training of each member nations soldiers through training wars and coordinated military strikes and a collaboration of media & education projects for citizens of the alliance.

The end goal of the alliance was to regenerate and revitalize the communities that once existed in eRepublik, building countries with economic stability and formidable military.

Alliance Leadership

December 2017

Position Citizen
Secretary General Icon-Switzerland.png Blackbeard I
Deputy Secretary General Icon-Republic of Moldova.png BATRANUL99
Assistant Secretary General Icon-Switzerland.png Murdersas
Supreme Commander Vacant
Deputy Supreme Commander Icon-Switzerland.png Noah Ackerman
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Nick Meis
Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs Icon-Switzerland.png Joseph Rich
Public Relations Icon-Netherlands.png Gamelix