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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation ADTP
Forum Official forum
Colors Old Glory Red, White, and Old Glory Blue
Founded 16 August 2010
Dissolved 16 November 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeds Libertarian Party, Trade and Military Alliance, American Military Party, Republican Party
Succeeded By Libertarian Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The American Defense and Trade Party was one of top 5 political parties in the USA which has deep roots within the American political arena. Its origins stem from the Libertarian Party and have survived several generations of change in political viewpoints and administration. The party has seen many external and enemy political take-over attempts over the years and merged two "sixth parties" to combine similar political goals and manpower to continue preserving their voice in the government.

During its peak, the party was lead by HobbitTon (PP) and ibnroshed2 (VP) having 243 members.

Mission Statement

The American Defense and Trade Party shall be the party that bridges the gap between the military and political realms of the USA by actively cultivating a greater consideration of, deeper appreciation for, and better coordination with the military both among the other branches of government and among the US population as a whole.

Party Objectives

In pursuit of this goal the American Defense and Trade Party shall pursue the following objectives:

Icon-USA.png Encourage all party members to maintain active membership in any branch of the eUS military or a non-party private militia.

Icon-USA.png Recruit military members to serve in both high and low level legislative and executive branch positions.

Icon-USA.png Enthusiastically support party members who choose to participate in overseas Anti-Political Take Over operations, while encouraging them to remain active in party affairs beyond voting.

Icon-USA.png Coordinate with elected and appointed members of the US government to ensure that national policies are enacted with due consideration for the needs and abilities of the military.

Icon-USA.png Sponsor the publication of articles explaining military structures, policies, and accomplishments to the wider US population.


The membership of the ADTP was formed by the merger of the American Military Party, the Republican Party (AKA The Republicans in Exile), and the members of the original ADTP. This diverse group of citizens decided to ban together with a common goal to secure their spot in the top 5 against hostile takeover attempts by enemies of the state.

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