America's Advancement Party

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation AAP
Forum [1]
Colors Red, White, and Blue
Founded October 2009
Dissolved April 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeds The National Association for the Advancement of America
Succeeded By United States Workers Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Authoritarian

America's Advancement Party was a political party in the United States.

America's Advancement Party Manifesto


Ameria's Advancement Party (AAP) stands for the ideal that the USA is a community of interdependent citizens who require a representative government to perform those activities that individuals or even single groups of individuals cannot successfully do for themselves. We believe that each citizen is free to seek his or her happiness by participating in the economy, the military and/or the politics of the nation. We also believe that there are specific, though limited, areas of action that only a government elected by and composed of citizens can effectively address. We take an active part in our country and its people, this party is made to inspire involvement and giving everyone a voice to be heard on national issues.

Political Beliefs

The AAP was a far-left political party that stands for the strengthening of the USA and all of its citizens. While definitively a left wing party, AAP welcomed all into the party because party goal was to advance the USA, to provide the optimal solutions for issues facing USA in its entirety. It was only through compromise and respectful open dialogue that a truly great USA could be achieved.

AAP believed that all the parties can work together in order to provide the most efficient government possible.

Military Beliefs

The foremost responsibility of any government is to assure that its citizens are secure from encroachments and attacks from foreign states or individuals. Most fundamentally, this responsibility requires that the nation, directed by its government, maintain a military organization sufficiently strong and agile to deter any other nation from attacking it on its soil.

Almost as important is the formulation and execution of a foreign policy that aims at creating international conditions that make the exercise of military power unnecessary; that promote agreements that allow US industry to compete successfully, both domestically and internationally, and that assure the personal security of US citizens (and her allies) both at home and abroad.

Economical Beliefs

The structure and rules of The New World establish a robustly competitive economy of workers and individual companies. The potential scope of governmental action in this context is limited. Nevertheless, government does have a role to play in the economy. Most obviously, the government must collect taxes to support its programs. The amount and distribution of these taxes has a profound effect on the well-being of workers, the prices of goods in the market and the competitiveness of US companies, both among industries domestically and among nations internationally.

The government also has a limited, but essential, role in protecting the welfare of citizens who, for whatever reason, find themselves in disadvantaged circumstances. In April, 2009, the government financed and administered the Meals on Wheels program that gave food to new citizens to help them survive the difficult first week as a citizen of the USA. This is an example of a program the AAP believes to be vital to our country.


We at the AAP do not deny membership to any citizen from any region. We encourage all members to be active within the Party and to even comment on Articles and Forum. The only way to be heard to express yourself and we encourage this as much as possible. Be Vocal to be Active! We give equal opportunity to get involved in government for maximum benefit of the country. We accept all political views of other members and encourage their differences to provide the best solutions. We do not need Yes Men/Women


The AAP recognizes that coalitions are essential to gaining effective power in Congress or the Presidency. We therefore invite other parties that see active government as a necessity and a positive contribution to the USA to seek our endorsement. Where appropriate, we will also seek their endorsement. We strongly believe that cooperation among parties, large and small, is essential to creating the conditions for achievement and happiness among US citizens.


In the AAP We encourage all members to get involved in leadership. We accommodate the wants and needs of those showing the responsibility and activity it takes to hold a leadership position. Positions that can be obtained are congressional seats and office in party departments. We offer many opportunities by giving room for many different types of leadership positions within the party. If you're willing, we'll find a place for you.

Closing Statements

The AAP is here being activated both within the party and our country. Our party is made from the citizens, for the Citizens, by the Citizens to help them grow economically and politically. The AAP stands for the USA first, party second. This party is a working part of the American Government and will be treated as such.


Party-America's Advancement Party header.jpg

Party President Tenure
Citizen HEM October 2008 - December 2008
Ian John Locke IV December 2008 - April 2009
Aren Perry April 2009 - July 2009
Mercurius100 July 2009 - December 2009
Ballman December 2009 - January 2010
Emmanuel Cruise January 2010 - February 2010
Aersidius February 2010 - March 2010
Max McFarland 2 March 2010 - March 2010
seeker1 March 2010 - April 2010

Originally the Free Soil Party, Evan Bayh took over and changed the name to the NAFAA (The National Association for the Advancement of America) about a week before the September 1st General Election, Evan gave leadership of the party to Uncle Sam who actively spurred on the party, attracting enough members to pass the Democratic Party in an attempt to be on the Presidential ballot.

Even though Sam lost the election, he planned on running again. However, Evan Bayh stole the opportunity from him to run himself, where he lost in a landslide. Bayh was replaced by Citizen HEM after party members grew to think that he was not doing a good job as president, and Bayh became upset, changing the party name to "the Rape Party", with FAG as the abbreviation, creating obscene and strange press releases, and revealing that he in fact founded the AAP, and his real name was PedoChad, the AAP founder who was banned.

Citizen HEM ran the party for a good month an a half and did a wonderful job. During these times however the party stagnated a lots it's momentum in American politics. After suffering a tough loss in the November congressional elections, HEM resigned to give party leadership to Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam within a week got the party back up on its feet, inspired much activity and began recruitment once again. Under him the party thrived. Uncle Sam then became the President of the USA at a later point in time being most famous for his war with Mexico known as Operation Taco Bell which ended with the repulsion of the USA from Mexico with help from its many allies.

The next President of the AAP was Ian John Locke IV. Ian was PP for four terms. This was done because at the time there was no strong, active leadership that had proven themselves to be worthy of the job. While Ian was President, the AAP was the 4th largest party and slowly was being caught by the UIP for that position.

The position of PP was handed off then to Aren Perry, with changewillcome as his co-president, formerly a 1 term AAP Recruiter, congressman, Ambassador, and 1 term Head of Recruitment for the AAP. Aren served for three terms as PP, while changewillcome served as Co-PP during all three terms.

During his terms, the party created a new manifesto, the creation of by-laws, re-organized the forum, and saw a boost within recruitment, news releases, and party leadership/organization again. At the beginning of the first term of PP, the UIP gained 4th position in terms of overall party ranking within the USA. Mr. Perry's first term was spent organizing leadership, finding active and talented individuals, and getting things into action. By the second term, the AAP managed to regain its position as 4th largest party.

Mercurius100 became party president on July 15, 2009. During his first few terms the AAP steadily rose into second place in the eUS thanks to a recruiting effort headed by Merc himself. Finally the AAP became the largest party in the eUS in late September, and continued to hold that rank until its demise. The AAP also became the largest party in eRepublik during October, holding that position for about a month.

Ballman became party president in December after Mercurius decided to retire, and began an effort to revitalize the AAP which had become relatively stagnant. That effort was unsuccessful despite a strong showing in the December congressional elections, and Emmanuel Cruise became party president the following month after Ballman decided not to run again. The trend of trying to reinvigorate the AAP continued through the terms of EC and Aersidius to no success.

On March 15, 2010 the AAP was PTO'd by Max McFarland 2 after one of the craziest elections known to the New World, one that involved Max McFarland 2, Emerick, GLaDOS, Mr Woldy, Pizza The Hut, Dimow Brando, former PP's Emmanuel Cruise and Mercurius100, and many more. Max shook things up in the AAP and created an authoritarian party before resigning to leave seeker1, an active member of the party that happened to also have the highest XP, in charge. She led the AAP through the rest of the term and ran for reelection, but was defeated in a domestic PTO by Emerick and SEES.

Following Emerick's banning Max McFarland 2 became party president again, creating the American Progressive Front (APF) with consent from AAP leaders including seeker1, Ballman, and Emmanuel Cruise and officially disbanding the AAP on April 17, 2010[2]. APF become a coalition party, joining together the leadership, members and resources of the American Advancement Party, United States Workers Party, and Democratic Republicans. In May 2010, party president of APF become Stormin and in June 2010, party president become Jude Connors who renamed the party to United States Workers Party and concluded this two-month transition.