American Freedom Party

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American Freedom Party

General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation APP
Founded January 2009 (est)
Dissolved 2010
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By American Protectionist Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Totalitarian

Originally the American Freedom Party was founded as a Center-Left, Libertarian Party much like the behemoth/bland parties of America (USWP, AAP, Libertarians, UIP, etc.), but under the leadership of Flaherty0077, the party had been re-founded as a strong, central values to support the rights of all citizens - low-class or high - and to spread freedom and democracy across the world - with arms if necessary. The orientation then was changed to: Far-Right, Libertarian.

It is assumed that sometime in July 2009, when the Party president became John Jay, Party change it's details and it was renamed to with Center, Totalitarian orientation.


At the last recorded membership count before the party's disappearance, the American Freedom Party had 6 members.

Political Values

The American Freedom Party stands for class equality. We do not judge our members or anyone else by the level of their experience - we judge by words and deeds.

The Party stands for freedom and democracy everywhere, and we seek to aggressively defend those who stand to lose it.

The Party supports a simplified government - while organizations like the military and federal reserve are sensible, and work to some degree, they are hidden from the majority of players. Level the playing field - tear down these walls.

While allowing a range of views on tax policy, the Party does hold one strong view - weapons and iron taxes must be eliminated. Without cheap guns for the masses, the massive population of the US will never be properly utilized - this is a change that will be beneficial to both the American economy and our foreign policy.

And finally, the Party will hold its values to its core. Members of the Freedom Party will vote as a unified block, and will maintain party order - a striking difference from the muddied mess of parties in America.

Party presidents

This is the list of known Party presidents:

Term started Term ended Consecutive terms
in office
Citizen name
16 January 2009 15 March 2009 2 Jeremy Hutchinson
16 March 2009 15 May 2009 2 Flaherty0077
16 May 2009 15 June 2009 1 lbarl
16 June 2009 15 July 2009 1 Hamlet Freeman
16 July 2009 August 2009 (est) 0.5 lbarl
August 2009 (est) Brenos