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AndyCro Novosti

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General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Owner andycro
Subscribers 597
Articles 95
Content Croatian info - mostly political

AndyCro Novosti (English: AndyCro News) are newspaper run by andycro. Newspapers were created in January 2009 for publishing information about organizations owned by andycro - Trgovina and andycroORG.

One month later (February 2009) newspaper become political newspaper, one of the most popular in Croatian and several of articles were ranked nr. 1.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

In period while andycro was presidential candidate and President of Croatia (Summer 2009) articles on English were published in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Spain, Greece, Finland, USA and Canada.

After Summer 2009, andycro becomes unactive and number of subscribers remained little bit more than 1000. In January 2010 andycro openly support implementation of Macedonia into the game and that article[9] reaches more than 1000 votes. Number of subscribers reach 1300 and the newspapers become ranked 22nd in Croatia.

After andycro took really long break, and then comeback in 2014 back in the game, number of the subscribers crippled to 500 active readers and rank of the newspapers plunged to 250th in Croatia. Andycro for now doesn't plan to write a lot, just to get the missions done, so this bad numbers will remain for a while.