Antu Cumhuriyet Partisi

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General Information
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Abbreviation ACP
Newspaper Gazete Antu
Forum ANTU forum
Colors Turquoise
Founded October 12, 2008
Dissolved February 01, 2009
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeded By Turkuaz Hareket
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Liberal

Antu Cumhuriyet Partisi (ACP) was a political party in Turkey. The party has founded by hathat in October 12, 2008. Idea of founding Antu Cumhuriyet Partisi was born in the biggest forum of Fenerbahçe SK supporters. Gazete Antu was the official newspaper of the political party.

Party Mission and History

ACP was a party which members were football club supporters. The party has grown in a very short time and been 2nd biggest party in Turkey. With the new development, it changed its name as Turkuaz Hareket and started to address all Turkish citizens.

There was a lot of speculation for the background color Turquoise. The word of turquoise could be derived from the color of Mediterranean Coast of Turkey also it can be derived from the French meaning of the word Turkish. Besides of them this color commonly known as Turkish Blue in Turkey. The theme of ACP logo represents the Turkish People. However, the Dark-Blue Daphne Leaf represents the Eternal Peace of World.

ACP Party Presidents

The following table lists the party presidents of the ACP.

Month Elected Name
Sep'08 - Oct'08 hathat
Oct'08 - Nov'08 ImHoTeP1907
Nov'08 - Dec'08 ImHoTeP1907
Dec'08 - Jan'09 ImHoTeP1907
Jan'09 - Feb'09 ImHoTeP1907

Congressmen List

Here's the known list of known ACP Congressmen;

Election dates Congressmen
November 2008 - December 2008 ImHoTeP1907, Ice-S, Khanarya, equilibrium1907, ishbara, caner1907, Turk94
December 2008 - January 2009 ImHoTeP1907, mert1907, mimarbaz, Ice-S, ishbara, resmancipi, sungurlu,
equilibrium1907, taru, GFB Yazzi, tuvan
January 2009 - February 2009 ImHoTeP1907, cobanoglu, mimarbaz, Ice-S, psychopatic, Lapsekos, sungurlu,
equilibrium1907, taru, GFB Yazzi, mkiziltoprak, mucon, hara_kiri, kfycuneyt,