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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Logo of Aurum
Owners Dishmcds, Kaleb, Nelsaidi, Shadowukcs, Big Boy Bulley and Json
Country Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublik
Founders Kaleb and Shadowukcs
Industries ALL
Colours Gold and Black
Song Sam Sparro - Black and Gold

Aurum was a large consortium of orgniaztions situated in UK, USA, Mexico, and Slovenia. At the end of 2009 the value of the consortium passed Icon-gold.gif 3500 GOLD and it had more than 215 workers employeed.

The History of Aurum

To begin with Shadowukcs and Kaleb both ran very successful businesses. Shadow owned hospital, weapon and food companies. With Kaleb having a massively successful moving company along with a housing company, it made perfect sense for the two of them to join forces and have companies in 5 different sectors. They called their organization S-K corp.

The next step of the expansion came when Kaleb invited Big Boy Bulley to join the corporation, so Big Boy Bulley sold his Q2 weapon company for Icon-gold.gif 60 GOLD and initially helped to manage S-K corp. Soon after Nelsaidi became the next person to join the ever expanding corporation.

At this point the corporation had control of 2 UK food companies, so Big Boy Bulley's SO (BBB Group) came back into use, the lower Q food food company was transferred into it and Nelsaidi's Q4 food company (previously Liban Food) was placed in S-K corp. Now with a number of new shareholders, S-K went through its name change, which inturn marked the start of its large expansion.

Shortly after the name change Aurum went about getting Json on board as another shareholder, although his additional Gold was handy, his major attribute that Aurum wanted to expose was his computer programming ability.

Now in control of 5 successful UK companies and 5 solid and experienced shareholders, Aurum was looking for international expansion.
So when Dishmcds, a former US president, with bags of experience and Gold along with existing profitable US businesses moved to the UK the Aurum shareholders seized the opportunity to bring him on board. Hence Colorado Savings and Loan became the US branch of Aurum.

The story behind the name

Upon the arrival of more shareholders, S-K corp needed a new name, so a competition was set up to try and find a new name. The 5 best names went to a poll, with Aurum coming out on top (Hexxa won the competition), the other names that made it to the final 5 were The Peninsula, Golden Globe Group, The Syndikate and EWOC.

The reason that Aurum proved to be the most popular name is because it is the Latin translation for Gold, hence why it is a very suitable name for a large eRepublik corporation.


It was stated in the Aurum contract that there are to be a maximum of 6 shareholders within the corporation at any one time. The Aurum Shareholders were (in chronological order):

For more information see Contract:Aurum Shareholders Contract

Aurum's organizations

S-K corp

S-K corp was the main 'hub' of Aurum corp, all of the shareholders keep there shares within this SO.

BBB Group

BBB Group was a second UK SO part of Aurum.

Colorado Savings and Loan

Colorado Savings and Loan was the main Aurum SO in America.

Aurum Mexico

Aurum Mexico was the Mexican based SO that is part of Aurum.

Companies within Aurum Mexico were:

Aurum US

Aurum US was a secondary Aurum SO based in America.

Companies within Aurum US was:

Countrywide Investments

Countrywide Investments was the Aurum SO inside Brazil.

Mongoose International

This Aurum owned SO was situated in Krasnoyarsk, which is a Russian territory located in Norway.

Aurum Shareholder's Contract

The Aurum Shareholders Contract was the legally binding document which held together the corporation. It specified how to run the organization with distinct situations, such as what to do when one of the shareholders leaves and how much profit they take with them. The contract was signed by Admin and was located on the eRepublik forums for safe keeping as well as a copy on the eRepublik Wiki.

Business Plans

This are the list of old business plans.


  1. Hire more workers in every company
  2. Finalise upgrading Aurum Healthcare UK to Q3
  3. Upgrade Aurum Food Slovenia to Q2
  4. Upgarde Aurum Housing to Q3


Looking back at last months report Aurum achieved points 1, 2 and 4 and decided against implementing point 2.

What Aurum needs to do this month:

1. Due to poor sales and the fact that employees are hard to get hold of, along with a loss last month, Aurum decided to close down the Slovenian branch, employees have been fired, and both companies are up for sale for Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD

2. This business plan is based on the basis that Aurum has around Icon-gold.gif 1000 GOLD between shareholders. Aurum currently has the following funds available:

  • Icon-gold.gif 430 GOLD of shares in corporations
  • Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD promised from Dishmcds.
  • Icon-gold.gif 60 GOLD sales of Slovenian companies
  • Icon-gold.gif 35 GOLD from Json

3. New SO locations. Now that the admin have released the spreadsheets with v1 hotspots our SO’s should go to:

  • Aurum US- Nashville, Tennessee (2 wood and 1 grain)
  • Colorado Savings and Loan - Sacramento, California (2 grain and 2 oil)
  • S-K corp - London (2 grain)
  • BBB Group - Liverpool, North West (1 grain, 1 wood)
  • Aurum Mexico- Campeche, The southeast (2 oil, 1 wood)
  • Mongoose International- Krasnoyarsk, East Siberia, Russia (2 oil, 2 wood, 2 diamond)
  • Countrywide Investments - Salvador, Northeast, Brazil (2 oil, 2 iron, 1wood, 1grain)

I propose we let CSL Greece die, it has too specific of a name to move and it currently has no companies or worth!

4. Aurum shall now try to sell of all Q4 food in the UK as quickly as possible to make sure Aurum is ready to upgrade to Q5 the moment v1 is released! (Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD)

5. All of the above locations give Aurum 2 companies in every raw material! Here are the raw material companies proposed:

  • Grain in the US, this can supply both of our food companies in the US (Icon-gold.gif 40 GOLD)
  • Grain in the UK, this will supply both of our food companies in the UK, surplus will supply the hardship fund (Icon-gold.gif 40 GOLD)
  • Oil in US, this will supply our moving companies in Mexico and the US (Icon-gold.gif 65 GOLD)
  • Oil in Brazil, this will supply our moving company in the UK, plus a company in Brazil if we decide we want one (Icon-gold.gif 105 GOLD)
  • Wood in Russia, this will supply our UK housing and hospitals (Icon-gold.gif 65 GOLD)
  • Wood in the US, this will supply our US housing and Mexican Housing, surplus to UK (Icon-gold.gif 80 GOLD)
  • Iron in Brazil, this will supply our weapons in the UK (Icon-gold.gif 65 GOLD)

There is almost certainly going to be some sort of barracks or the like for wartime, Aurum should look to be the first in the UK to build them being high quality straight away will mean a monopoly on that new kind of building. New company should be created and uprated to Q3! (Icon-gold.gif 110 GOLD)

At this point Aurum would have spent Icon-gold.gif 770 GOLD. Aurum would have to spend around Icon-gold.gif 150 GOLD converting into local currencies to keep all of the new companies going! So depending on how much gold shareholders can muster the other options with more gold would be, in order of preference:

  • Upgrade Aurum Healthcare to Q5 (Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD)
  • Upgrade Aurum Arms to Q5 (Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD)
  • Diamonds in Russia to sell to Russia and 1 other (probs UK) (Icon-gold.gif 65 GOLD)

6. If Aurum don’t have enough gold, then it will finalise an exclusivity deal with TTP’s group on 1 of the raw material sectors.