Bastardi Senza Gloria

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Bastardi Senza Gloria

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General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation BSG
Website [1]
Forum Official Forum
Founded 19 May 2013
President Francesco Cavour
Members 93
Congress Occupancy 4/20 seats, 20%
Succeeds Crescere

Bastardi Senza Gloria (Inglourious Basterds) is an Italian party founded on 19 May 2013 with the union of two parties, Crescere and Iniziativa - Every Single One. On 24 June 2013, Liberta' eItaliana joined the party.

Under Costruction. We're working for you.

Icon history.png History

Icon position party president.gif History of Party President

July 2013
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President
File:Francesco Cavour.png
Francesco Cavour
Vice President mappina
Secretary ubares
Councillor Riccardo Quarta
Spokesman Vajura
Month President Votes
May 2013 Riccardo Quarta 26
June 2013 Vajura 30
July 2013 Francesco Cavour 42

Icon - Congress.jpg History of Congress

Month CM Elected Votes % Elected
May 2013 2 Alegevo, Francesco Cavour
June 2013 4 93 14,49% Francesco Cavour, Leonardz, Principe Alessandro, Peri.cle

Icon position country president.gif History of Country President

Month Name Votes % Allies
May 2013 Riccardo Cicca Cornara 191 42,16% AetG, Crescere, IESO, LGeI, LeR
July 2013 Dot Hunty 276 47,50% AetG, LeR, PCE, PR

History of Logos

19 May 2012