Brainstorming Party

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Brainstorming Party

Party-Brainstorming Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation eRBP, BRAIN
Forum eRBP
President white lion1973
Members 253
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats; 0%
Succeeds Krontzo
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian
Party leaders
white lion1973
  • Icon position councillor.png Councilor
white lion1973

Brainstorming Party is a political party in Romania.

It is the fifth biggest party in Romania (June 2013). It had several seats in Congress of Romania during 2008 - 2013. It was founded by elena.coman.

Brainstorming Party was originally known as eRomanian Brainstorming Party.


This party had several Mayors in different cities:

City Country Nr. of Mayor terms
Oradea Flag-Romania.png 1
Bucharest Flag-Romania.png 4
Timisoara Flag-Romania.png 1
Lviv Flag-Ukraine.jpg 4

Party presidents

This is the list of known Party presidents:

Party Leader Mandate Start Mandate End Note
elena.coman October 16th 2009 December 20th 2009 (est) Resigned on the beginning of the third term
cruyff December 20th 2008 (est) January 15th 2009 Interim
M4RG3L4TU January 16th 2009 February 15th 2009
Grinch85 February 16th 2009 June 15th 2009 4 consecutive terms he was PP
sebahmah June 16th 2009 July 15th 2009
Grinch85 July 16th 2009 September 15th 2009 3 consecutive terms he was PP
Sliviu September 16th 2009 October 15th 2009
Xigna October 16th 2009 November 2009 Resigned
Hitman November 2009 November 2009 Interim
number_er November 16th 2009 December 2009 Resigned
Hlavasca December 16th 2009 February 15th 2010
buru February 16th 2009 April 15th 2010 2 consecutive terms
Grinch85 April 16th 2010 May 15th 2010
Open_Minded May 16th 2010 July 15th 2010
Cronoss July 16th 2010 September 15th 2010
GeluRomanu September 16th 2010 October 15th 2010
Rock3rRullz October 16th 2010 December 15th 2010
teo.andrei December 16th 2010 February 15th 2011
MermaidPrincess February 16th 2011 April 15th 2011 The Party was under PTO and she served 2 consecutive terms as PP
Sas Dragos April 16th 2011 May 15th 2011
GeluRomanu May 16th 2011 August 15th 2011 2 consecutive terms as PP
ndrei August 16th 2011 September 15th 2011
AlexaAndra21 September 16th 2011 October 15th 2011
GeluRomanu October 16th 2011 November 15th 2011
yonutz_torres November 16th 2011 February 15th 2012 2 consecutive terms as PP
GeluRomanu February 16th 2012 April 15th 2012 2 consecutive terms as PP
Sarmisegetusza April 16th 2012 May 15th 2012
Doru Gradinaru May 16th 2012 June 15th 2012
Impressio HT June 16th 2012 August 15th 2012
dusmanu August 16th 2012 September 15th 2012
FreeGigi September 16th 2012 October 15th 2012
ionutzd October 16th 2012 November 15th 2012 PTO - he renamed eRBP in ALIANTA
GeluRomanu November 16th 2012 January 15th 2013 2 consecutive terms as PP
Alex Milotin January 16th 2013 March 15th 2013 2 consecutive terms as PP
GeluRomanu March 16th 2013 April 15th 2013
Krontzo April 16th 2013 May 15th 2013
GeluRomanu June 16th 2013 July 15th 2013
JoaoSatan July 16th 2013 August 15th 2013
white lion1973 August 16th 2013 November 15th 2013 4 consecutive terms she was PP
priviticerul numa praz November 16th 2013 December 15th 2013
white lion1973 December 16th 2013 March 15th 2014 3 consecutive terms she was PP
N.S.D March 16th 2013 May 20th 2014 After 2 consecutive terms he resigned on the beginning of the third term
bajusz marcel May 20th 2014 June 15th 2014 Interim

A list with the most beloved party leaders

Party Leader Nr. of party terms
GeluRomanu 10
Grinch85 7
white lion1973 7
elena.coman 3
Impressio HT 3

External Links

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