Breton Revolutionary Army

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Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Breton Revolutionary Army

Breton Revolutionary Army.gif

Arc'hant zo ganto, ul Breizh zo ganin!
(They have money, I have Brittany!)

General Information
Disbanded 2010
Country Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea
Region Brittany
Colors Red and Black
Type Paramilitary
Commanded by Breton Boy

Breton Revolutionary Army was a paramilitary unit which was an offshoot of Breton Nationalist Party. It was disbanded with an advent of 'Rising'.

It's mission was:

To carry out terrorist attacks and sabotage French military assets. To strike fear into the hearts of the French, and ensure that those who vote for the Breton Nationalist Party are kept safe. To carry on the struggle should the party be banned. To bring international attention to the Breton Struggle for Independence. And to ultimately liberate Brittany's two regions of Brittany and Pays de la Loire and forge a new nation-state free from French genocide and oppression.


The BRA has a secret membership list so as not to compromise its many cells. All members are prepared to give their life, and take other lives, for the cause. The only public information on their membership is that of their Founder and Leader Breton Boy and its Primary Commissar Comrade Ral. The Primary Commissar is tasked with instilling the discipline and political education necessary for this guerrilla war of liberation. The Leader is tasked with all planning and operational strategy necessary to avoid capture and succeed in missions.

Legal Front and Breadmine

Recently the BRA, in an attempt to procure funds for the Revolution, has opened up a Breadmine to act as its legal front. Here the brave freedom fighters of Brittany put down their arms and pick up the pick-ax, and my delicious Q1 Bread for consumption of the masses. As a Worker's Council run company, all 'employees' are also owners, all workers are paid the same high wage, and bread is sold at prices designed to 'break even'. As result, workers are encouraged to use their wages to finance the Breadmine itself, as well as donate heartily to the BRA and BNP respectively.


The BRA was formed by a group from 'Something Awful' to troll the French nation after failing to make any real impact that descended upon South Korea in an attempt to PTO the nation before failing again and drifting away from the New world with the advent of 'Rising'.

Breton War of Independence

Breton War.gif
There were rumours circulating that the formidable Breton Revolutionary Army has begun preparations for a massive revolutionary war for the creation of a Socialist Republic of Brittany under the BNP. While France put a little stalk in its chances of success, the fact that the BRA seems to have international funding from various groups and the ever-growing ranks of the Breton Nationalist Party has begun to worry the more astute in France's Government.