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This act shall be referred to as the Canadian Healthcare Reform Act

Proposal By: Artorius Perim and JB Furglar

The Canadian Healthcare Reform Act will replace the expired Canadian Health Services Expansion Act

Section 1 Purpose:

Currently, Healthcare has been going through a period of relative inactivity and confusion as of late, and with the current mechanical changes brought about by the introduction of 'eRepublik Rising' it has become increasingly necessary to make serious changes to the Healthcare system in this country. Recently, Artorius Perim carried out extensive studies into what the people wish to see in the healthcare system in this country, they can be found here:


As you can see from this survey, the people have been angling greatly for a change, and as congressional representatives I believe it is your duty to take note of the will of the people and represent accordingly, therefore, in saying this, we wish to achieve a health system that is fair, as little roleplay as possible, one which educates and informs and one which is geared towards getting new citizens as involved in the community as possible.

One of the main purposes of this act is to provide discounted food from the Market that will raise a certain amount of wellness or happiness to struggling eCanadians who have trouble with keeping up their Wellness or Happiness. This act will reform and recreate our system of Healthcare in eCanada to work with eRepublik V2 (aka Rising).

This was no easy task, but we believe the following bill gives a broad and comprehensive coverage of what a health service should be doing and what regulations should be imposed in the creation of the best healthcare system possible, which is what is best for the progression of eCanada into both Rising and V2. This bill offers flexible options and directions in order to provide eCanada with HealthCare that will last for a long period of time, until we will need another reform to fit a new version of eRepublik.

Section 2 Procedure:

1.0 The eCanadian Health Service is to be ran by the Minister for Healthcare, who is appointed at the leisure of the President of eCanada.
1.1 It is the duty of the Minister, upon appointment, to name a deputy Minister, who must hold access to all relevant resources (Such as organizations and spreadsheets) involved in running a Health service.
1.2 Additional staff may be appointed at the leisure of the Minister; their access to relevant organizations will be the decision and the liability of the Minister in question.
1.3 All Staff in the Ministry of Health must be eCanadian Citizens.
1.4 The Minister of Healthcare may be removed at any time by the President of eCanada.
2.0 The Healthcare service will be allocated a budget monthly with the Budget which is to be released by the Minister of Finance.
2.1 The Healthcare service must publish a Finance Report of all accounts relating to the Ministry of Health and Human Services, including the Canadian Health Services Organization and the Meals On Wheels Canada Organization.
2.1.1 The Implementation of foundation status will require the Minister of Health to submit a full balance sheet of finance before congress on the 4th of each month.
2.1.2 All income and expenditure within the Health Service (Including the monthly budget) must be accounted for in full on a spreadsheet, accessible at all times to the Minister of Healthcare, The Deputy Minister of Healthcare and the Country President. This spreadsheet can be subject to (2. b) i).
2.2 The Minister of Healthcare may be subject to a vote of no confidence if any funds are found to be embezzled. The motion shall be set at 66% of a present voting congress.
2.2.1 Should a no-confidence vote be passed, the Minister will be automatically removed from their position.
2.2.2 The Deputy Minister of Healthcare shall assume the post until either the next election or a time of the Presidents choosing.
2.2.3 In the case of the removal, the Deputy has a duty to make the relevant resources inaccessible if they contain either data which are vital to the Healthcare service or public funds.
2.3 The Healthcare service will be allowed to run funding drives to cover any extra costs incurred during the budget period.
3.0 The Ministry of Health shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Wellness and Happiness of citizens who apply for its help.
3.1 The Ministry of Health is free to set policy concerning this and use any Wellness resource which it feels appropriate at the time however, it must release one statement of policy per month detailing which methods it wishes to use and how it will allocate healthcare in general.
3.2 The Ministry of Health will be primarily responsible for educating citizens concerning their Wellness and Happiness and the central concepts which revolve around them (Such as productivity and citizen death). The Ministry of Health may also work together with the Ministry of Education to achieve this task.
3.3 A Minister of Health must remain objective at all times, encouragement to join parties or political organizations through the administration of Healthcare and Health Education are prohibited.
4.0 The Ministry of Health may conduct a public survey regarding healthcare every month or 2 months to update the Canadian Healthcare Reform Act Appendices in order to create a Healthcare system that best serves the eCanadian Citizens.
4.0.1 Surveys must be completed at least once every 2 months to ensure Healthcare services that are accurate to the public's needs. Upon completion of the new Surveys, the Canadian Healthcare Reform Act Appendices must be updated.
4.1 The Ministry of Health must create a Healthcare system that offers wellness or happiness at a greatly reduced price and must be created according to the current or most recent update of the Canadian Healthcare Reform Act Appendices from "Appendix B: Findings".
5.0 This bill may be amended by a 66% majority in a present congress.
5.1 This bill may be repealed in its entirety by a 75% majority in a present congress.

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