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 A capital is the area of a country, province, region, or state, regarded as enjoying primary status; it is almost always the city which physically encompasses the offices and meeting places of the seat of government and fixed by law, but there are a number of exceptions. 

In the New World, the capital - Icon-capital.gif - of a country is defined as the primary (main) region of a country, and usually also contains the highest number of visitors.

The capital of the country can ONLY change in the following situations:

  • if the capital of a country is occupied in the Battlefield, the new capital will be the region with the highest number of visitors belonging to the defending country. The number of visitors is displayed on region page under the population heading. The number of visitors is updated at time intervals.
  • if a country regains her independence by a successful resistance war, the first region which will be set free will become the new capital of the former country that is now rebuilding.


These are the original capitals of each country, as they could be found in Day 0 of the New World. They are the same as the real life capitals of these countries.

Country Name Capital Region Capital City
Albania Tirana Tirana
Argentina Pampas Buenos Aires
Armenia Central Armenia Yerevan
Australia New South Wales Canberra
Austria Lower Austria Vienna
Belarus Minskaya Minsk
Belgium Brussels Brussels
Bolivia Bolivian Altiplano La Paz
Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation of BiH Sarajevo
Brazil Center West of Brazil Brasilia
Bulgaria Sofia Sofia
Canada Ontario Ottawa
Chile Zona Central Santiago
China Beijing Beijing
Colombia Cundiboyacense Bogota
Croatia Central Croatia Zagreb
Cyprus Southern Cyprus Nicosia
Cuba Western Cuba Havana
Czech Republic Northern Bohemia Prague
Denmark Hovedstaden Copenhagen
Egypt Lower Egypt Cairo
Estonia Pohja-Eesti Tallinn
Finland Southern Finland Helsinki
France Paris Isle of France Paris
Germany Brandenburg and Berlin Berlin
Georgia Inner Kartli Tbilisi
Greece Attica Athens
Hungary Central Hungary Budapest
India Northern India New Delhi
Indonesia Java Jakarta
Iran Northwestern Iran Tehran
Ireland Dublin Dublin
Israel Jerusalem district Jerusalem
Italy Lazio Rome
Japan Kanto Tokyo
Latvia Vidzeme Riga
Lithuania Dainava Vilnius
Malaysia Peninsular Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Mexico Valley of Mexico Mexico City
Montenegro Central Montenegro Podgorica
Netherlands Western Netherlands Amsterdam
New Zealand Wellington Wellington
Nigeria North Central States Abuja
North Korea Pyongan Pyongyang
Norway Ostlandet Oslo
Pakistan Punjab Islamabad
Paraguay Paranena Asuncion
Peru Lima Lima DC
Philippines Luzon Manila
Poland Mazovia Warsaw
Portugal Lisboa Lisbon
Republic of China (Taiwan) Northern Taiwan Taipei
Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Povardarie Skopje
Republic of Moldova Chisinau Chisinau
Romania Muntenia Bucharest
Russia Moscow and Central Russia Moscow
Saudi Arabia Al Riyadh Riyadh
Serbia Belgrade Belgrade
Singapore Singapore City Downtown Core
Slovakia Bratislava Bratislava
Slovenia Lower Carniola Ljubljana
South Africa Western Cape Cape Town
South Korea Gyeonggi-do Seoul
Spain Madrid Madrid
Sweden Svealand Stockholm
Switzerland Deutschschweiz Bern
Thailand Central Thailand Bangkok
Turkey Central Anatolia Ankara
Ukraine Dnipro Kiev
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom London London
Uruguay Charrua Montevideo
USA District of Columbia Washington D.C.
Venezuela Venezuelan Capital Caracas

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