Captain Panther

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Captain Panther

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
National rank 991
Date of birth Day 526
Residence Florida
Political party Federalist Party
Party president of Federalist Party
September 15, 2009 – October 15, 2009
Preceded by Fingerguns
Succeeded by Citizenslave
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Captain Panther was born on Day 526 of the New World in Missouri, United States, where his real life home is. In the midst of the peak of ATLANTIS/PEACE conflict, CP found himself quite confused about the political atmosphere of Erepublik. His enlightenment would arrive when he was assigned his mentor, Bill Brasky, who would be the one to finally cement CP's interest in Erep.

Mobile Infantry

CP enjoyed a short stint with the mobile infantry about 2 months into his eLife, during which he served in Operation Turkish Delight and Hello Kitty as a member of Alpha 7. His commanding officer was Claudius Caesar. CP still holds his role in the liberation of Greece from Turkish oppression as one of his highest and proudest achievements in his Erep career. The Mobile Infantry would teach Captain Panther how to be effective in war, effective as an employee, and how to be the best eCitizen he could be. As he always says, "MI is FTW."

Federalist Party Activity

As much as Captain Panther adores his time in the Mobile Infantry, his proudest times in Erepublik have to do with being an extremely active member of the Federalist Party. The moment CP hit level 7, he joined the Federalist Party, of which Gaius Julius, future eUS president, was the Party president. A large influencing factor in his decision to join the Feds was the membership of his mentor, Bill Brasky, who CP considered to be the coolest dude in Erep (he's still up there).

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