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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth Apr 15, 2010
Date of death Feb 22, 2011[1]
Residence Cork, Ireland
Sex male
Minister of Recruitment of Ireland
Served under League of Heroes
Special Ambassador to EDEN
Congress member of Louth
Served under Independent Voices
Served under Fenian Brotherhood
President of Ireland
6th January 2011 – 6th January 2011
Served under Fenian Brotherhood
Preceded by John Gormley
Succeeded by Marcus Suridius
10th January 2011 – 5th February 2011
Served under Fenian Brotherhood
Preceded by Marcus Suridius
Succeeded by Seanan
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

CelticTiger211 or CT was born on day 877 of the New World and was an Icon-Ireland.png Irish citizen who only lived 300 days. During this time has made several major impacts on the Irish community.


CelticTiger211 started the political career in Saoirse before moving to League of Heroes, where CelticTiger211 took the first office as Minister of Recruitment. Switching to Independent Voices, CT gets to the Congress of Ireland. Ultimately ending in the Fenian Brotherhood with who he got elected once more to the Congress and ultimately became President of Ireland.

Although, CelticTiger211 won January 2011 presidential elections, but decided to resign his elected position to his Vice President Marcus Suridius. On January 10, CelticTiger211 decided that he was up to the job after all, and re-seated himself as the President of Ireland[2][3].


 Our supply chain is free of discrimination based upon rank and strength, all who work within the military will be armed. We believe that the army’s progression is dependant on the progression of her soldiers. 

CelticTiger211 created the Irish Army on January 10th 2011, along the commune-based lines of the US and Croatia, and later announced the disbandment of the Irish Defence Forces in an article entitled "A New Era".

CelticTiger211 served in Irish Defence Forces, as Lieutenant Colonel in Irish Air Defence Forces.