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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
Date of birth 30 January 2008 - Day 71 of the New World
Date of death 2010
Residence Asturias
Sex Male
Party president of Thai Independent Party
16 May 2009 – 15 August 2009
Succeeded by Jack Roberts
Congress member of Thailand
26 May 2009 – 25 August 2009
Congress member of Spain
26 Oct 2009 – 25 Nov 2009
President of Thailand
6 July 2010 – July 2010
Preceded by KuBu
Succeeded by domi1995
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Ciman is a politician from Thailand, originally from Spain. He was a Congress member of Thailand and the president of the Thai Independent Party. He had homes in Northern Thailand and Asturias. He is the Press director of The Ciman's News.


He owns an organization called Ciman's which has three companies: Ciman's Food, Ciman's Grain and Ciman's Weapons. Ciman's owned one more company named Ciman's Houses but is was sold to someone. All these companies are in different countries, so we can say that Ciman's has an international market. The Organization owns its own newspapers named Ciman's Press.

Political History

Ciman started to play the 30th January 2008, the Day 71 of the New World, so we could say that he is an old player, but he was some months without playing. When he started to play again, he decided to be a congress member in Spain with Nueva Espana Liberal, but he didn't win, so he tried to go to another country and he went to Thailand. In Thailand, he became the party president of the Thai Independent Party and also became congress member of Thailand. After Ciman won the party presidency he decided to remain living in Thailand. In August 2009, he decided to retire for a while from the position of the Party president so the new President renamed the party into Thai Union Party. He won the presidential Thai elections in July 2010, but because of its mysterious absence, he was impeached.

Military History

His first military involvement in any fight was when he went to Romania which had several wars at the time, while Spain was in the peace period. He stayed living in Romania for nearly a month, then he returned to Spain after he becomes Captain in Romanian Army. He fought in some Spanish wars, but after a month he went, because of political reasons, to Thailand and there he has been fighting in some War Games.