Citizenship Request Procedures

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I. It's simple to check a citizenship applicant out
  1. Check their friends' list. If they have friends in high places in other nations, or if they have a lot of friends in an enemy country, skip them.
  2. Check out their shouts. If they claim to be Canadian, but their shout is in Arabic or Hungarian - chances are they are not Canadian. Skip them.
  3. Check out their donations list. If they are donating to or from, let's say, the Party for the Advancement of PEACE GC, skip them. If they were getting daily weapons from Indonesia or Russia, skip them.
  4. Check out their newspaper to see what articles they've written. Go back to the beginning. If it's in Farsi, skip them.
  5. Take a look at their fight history.
  6. Check their citizenship and location at the time of applying.
  7. Check the Spreadsheet Blacklist.

II. Please read the following
  1. The government will provide a full list of Eden, neutral, PTO'ed and Phoenix countries to aid the congressmen in their work.
  2. The google spreadsheet will only be used in case of applicants from neutral, PTO'ed and Phoenix countries.
  3. Congressmen will have full power to approve citizens from EDEN countries after a basic background check. (See part I. above)
  4. If the congressman is unsure about the individual he wishes to approve, he can contact the CSIS for further information.
  5. The congressman who wishes to approve an individual from neutral, PTO'ed or Phoenix countries will use the spreadsheet to inform the CSIS to do a more advanced background check.

Disciplinary actions
  1. Each citizenship given by a Congressman will be checked by the Immigration Ministry and the CSIS to prevent any abuses.
  2. Any major fault done by the Congressman concerning citizenships will result in the publication of its name and one of the immigrants he approved in a weekly article done by Immigration Canada. The CSIS newspaper and eCBC will also be aware of the news.
  3. The Immigration minister in collaboration with the CSIS will have discretion concerning the definition of a “major Fault”.

In points number II. 4 and II. 5:

  • Contact with CSIS should be made by posting any suspicious applicant's name in the "CSIS Priority List" of the Spreadsheet.

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