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한글Icon-South Korea.png

플레이어는 각 Military unit|부대가 설정한 전투명령(컴벳 오더)를 통해 전장에서 데미지에 따라 currency|돈(cc)를 얻을 수 있습니다.

부대 계정

  • 전투명령(컴벳 오더)설정을 위해 Military unit|부대는 통합된 부대 계정을 갖습니다.
  • 레벨이 25 이상이고 부대 멤버 누구나 부대 계정에 기부를 할 수 있습니다.
  • 부대 계정에 모인 금액은 전투명령(컴벳 오더) 소비될 수 있습니다.

전투명령(컴벳 오더) - 주요 특성

  • 전투명령(컴벳 오더)는 각 부대의 부대장(커멘더)가 지정할 수 있습니다.
  • Using a Combat Order, Military Units will be able to instantly pay citizens to deal damage for a specific side and division in a campaign.
  • When setting a Combat Order, the Commanders will set a specific price per 1,000,000 damage dealt.
  • The reward will however be given INSTANTLY after each kill, NOT after reaching 1,000,000 damage
  • Combat Orders can be customized to avoid paying for an “over-kill”. Money will be awarded only if the domination value in a battle does not exceed a certain percentage value set by the Commander. Ex: a Combat order can be set to award money for anyone fighting in Campaign Z for country against country B, as long as the domination value is at maximum 52% for country A. This means that as soon as Country A has more than 52% influence, no more money will be awarded.

Combat Orders as a fighter

  • When viewing the Military Campaigns list, you will see an icon next to each campaign that has an active Combat Order, and also how many Combat Orders are set for your division in that campaign
  • When entering a battle you will notice a panel on the right side of the screen
  • The panel will inform you how many Combat Orders are available
  • Only ONE Combat Order can be accepted at a time
  • After each kill, an amount of money will be credited to your account according to your damage and the price/damage of the Combat Order
  • The money received will also be displayed as an animation similar with the animation showing the Experience Points gained
  • If a Combat Order will not give any rewards because the domination is too high, then that Combat Order will be displayed selected with a different color
  • Players will be notified visually once a Combat Order stops giving them rewards (visual animation on the right side of the screen)
  • A Combat Order will be removed from the right panel once its budget has been depleted

Combat Orders as a Military Unit Commander

Commanders will see a new section on the homepage of their Military Units. This section contains several filters that allows them to create Combat Orders:

  • Fighter citizenship - you can make the Combat Order available only to fighters with a specific citizenship or to all the players in the game
  • Military Unit - you can make the Combat Order available only to fighters from a specific Military Unit or to all the players in the game
  • Battle - set the campaign, the side and the division the order is active for. You can only set one Combat Order per campaign per division.
  • Price per damage: set how much you will pay for 1,000,000 damage
  • Maximum domination: set at what domination value you wish the Combat Order to become inactive. The order will be automatically resumed if the domination falls under the specified value again. NOTE: this refers to the domination as seen from the perspective of the side you are supporting
  • Combat Order budget - the amount of money you allocate to fund the Combat Order. The money are automatically subtracted from the Military Unit account

Additionally, the Commander will be able to see all the active Combat Orders and:

  • Edit the available budget
  • Edit the price/damage
  • Pause an order
  • Resume an order (You can resume a Combat Order 10 minutes after pausing it)
  • Cancel an order (any order will remain on the list until it is manually canceled, even if the Campaign is finished or the budget is depleted)
  • Go to the campaign (battle page) where the order is set

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