Comrade Ral

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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korean
Date of birth May 5th, 2009
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Newspaper Socialist Realism
Congress member of China
26 May 2009 – June 2009
Minister of Defence of China
May 2009 – June 2009
Military rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Comrade Ral was a citizen of South Korea.

He was member of Citizen930051.jpg Goons revival in 2009.


The 'West Korean' Saga

The Juche Box Party believed in Pan Koreanism, an idea that supposed an ancient 'Greater Korean' Empire comprising the modern day nations of China, Japan, and North and South Korea. They insisted, then, that China was 'West Korea,' causing a major divide between themselves and the Chinese parties.

Born from a long line of breadminers in his family, Comrade Ral was involved with the great Juche Box Party split. He sided with Kim Jong Rad and those still loyal to Glorious Leader.

June 2009 was a turbulent month for the Juche Box Party, a once unified organisation of Goons. President Snayke, of the Juche Box Party turned reformist and refused to implement some 'extreme ideas' in the Party Platform as agreed upon in the 3rd JucheBox Congress. This lead to then Minister of Foreign Affairs Stalin-chan, Minister of Health Gorgo Primus, and Minister of National Defence Comrade Ral to publicly speak out against President Snayke. As a result, Snayke split from the party, taking with him many members. In a desperate attempt to prevent a reformist coup, Dongles seized control of the bank and denied access to President Snayke. These funds were moved to Juche Box Party organisations. This led to an all out Civil war.

Breton Nationalist Party

Upon hearing that there was a party that was a true Marxist-Leninist party that advocated for the rights of all oppressed minorities. He rushed out to Brittany in France. Once there, he observed the vast poverty the minority faced against the majority French government that sought a policy of cultural genocide. He joined the Breton Nationalist Party in hopes of restoring freedom and helping the nation reach the true potential of Marxist-Leninist philosophy.

Comrade Ral was Primary Commissar of Breton Revolutionary Army. The Primary Commissar was tasked with instilling the discipline and political education necessary for the guerilla war of liberation of Brittany and Pays de la Loire and forge a new nation-state free from French oppression. Breton Revolutionary Army was disbanded with an advent of 'Rising'.


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Hard Worker (x3)
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Congress Member (x3)
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Super Soldier (x1)