Congress of Belarus

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Congress of Belarus
Government of Belarus
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General Information
Country BelarusBelarus
Headquarters Flag-Belarus.jpg Minsk
Established 2010
Part of Belarus
Type Congress

The following pages list the Members of Congress of Icon-Belarus.png Belarus.

Congress elections

Numbers of Congress seats by parties

Party Seats The last month present in the Congress
Holy Cow 145 July 2012
Narodnaja Hramada 99 July 2012
Woman's Party 63 July 2012
2click 4ever 45 July 2012
C B A 44 December 2011
Nacyjanalny Front 26 July 2012
Svabodnaya Bielarus 19 October 2010
TomasVernulsia 17 May 2012
Belaruskaya Partyia Pratsy 11 October 2010
Lisowczyki 9 June 2012
Nezalezhnaya Belarus 8 October 2010
Legendary Party 1 October 2010
Communist Party of Belarus 1 October 2010