Constitution of Israel

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The discussion for a constitution for eIsrael was set by Augustus Grim on day 1647. And have a lot of support of all the Israeli citizens. The first Proposal was made by TaoLaoTzu, and here it is:

1. Duties of the Congressmen:

a) Only the Knesset may amend the constitution, after its initial approval, with a majority of 60 percent.
b) After the Knesset elections, the congressmen must follow the following demands, until the 28th:
- Donate the 5gold from the Congressmen medal to the state.
- Register to the Knesset forum, where only the Congressmen and President may have access to.
- Elect a Speaker of the Knesset, with a majority of 50 percent.
c) Every law proposal, whether in military or economical issue, must be discussed before brought up to vote. Any law proposal which wasn't brought to prior discussion will not be considered as an official proposal and the Congressmen will be required to vote against it.
- For a vote on a law proposal, at least 10 Congressmen must take part in a discussion.
- The President has a right to veto a law proposal, in the prior discussion, and the Knesset may cancel the veto only with a 60 percent majority. The President may not veto presidential impeachment proposals.
- Once the Knesset decided in a general discussion on a law proposal, the elected Speaker of the Knesset may choose a one Congressman to propose it.
- The Speaker of the Knesset may decide that a certain law doesn't need a prior discussion, like MPP proposals.
d) Congressmen will only approve citizenship after confirmation from the appropriate body. After the Knesset elections, the President must update the Congressmen on who is his elected body on approving citizenship requests.

2) Speaker of the Knesset:

a) The Speaker of the Knesset will manage the discussions and votes in the Knesset forum.
b) Once in two weeks, the Speaker will publish an update on the Knesset activity.
c) The Speaker will make sure that each Congressman is aware of the Knesset regulations, by sending a personal message.
d) The Speaker will track the activity of the Congressmen, in order to prevent Congressmen who didn't follow the regulations to be elected again. At the end of the Knesset term the Speaker will publish a report of all Congressmen including:
- Which Congressmen did not donate the 5gold from their medal.
- Which Congressmen approved citizenship without proper confirmation.
- Which Congressmen did not participate in the Knesset discussions and/or proposed laws without proper discussion.
- Which Congressmen were outstanding in their term. 

Gavash was in charge of the first meeting where they start talking about TaoLaoTzu proposal.

Te next meeting it's still waiting for confirmation, but the tempting date is for day 1651.

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