Constitution of the Czech Republic

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Constitution of the Czech Republic

Art 1. The Dictator in game has constitutionally the same role as the CP.

Art 2. Only former Czech CPs can be Dictator.

Art 3. The Dictator is elected by the Council of the Republic.

Art 4. The Council of the Republic is composed by all former CPs (from the introduction of dictatorship to the present), all PPs and 1 Congressmember of each party (nominated by PP of the party).

Art 5. The Dictator needs to take into consideration the Congress opinion before to use his right of vote.

Art 6. The Dictator can't act against the Congress opinion expressed by an internal vote.

Art 7. The President proposes only the names of members of the Government and the Dictator has in choosing the final and decesive word.

Art 8. The Dictator can use a right of vote without the Congress approval in case of emergency only for MPP and for NE as an answer to another NE. (ex : Country A is voting a NE against eCR, the Dictator can vote without Congress approval.)

Art 9. The Government under the direction of the CP may work independently from the Dictator if it doesn't demand the propose of laws.

Art 10. The negative influence of the Dictator on Czech Republic or his inactivity can serve as the reason of a Non-confidence vote.

Art 11. Non-confidence can be voted against the Dictator by the Council of the Elders. The vote is followed by the beginning of a Revolution to remove the Dictator if he refuse to nominate a new Dictator.

Art 12. The Council of the Elders is composed by 3 latest former CP.

Art 13. The Dictator must give all the rewards to the Minister of Economy.

Art 14. All mеmbers of the Council needs to be adult citizens and live atleast 3 months in the eCzech Republic prior to their membership.

Art 15. Acting against the Constitution will be punished by the Council depending on how seriously was the Constitution breached.