Culte du Vin Chez Droopy32

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Culte du Vin Chez Droopy32

Party-Culte du Vin Chez Droopy32.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-France.jpg France
Organization Droopyland
Forum [Forum eRep France]
Colors Orange
Founded April 2010
President Ghis8
Members 23
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Authoritarian

Culte du Vin Chez Droopy32 is one of the oldest living parties in Icon-France.png France. The party had more than 100 members in the past and recorded success after success in 2011 when it was constantly in top 5 parties in France and always had more than 15 % of Congress seats. Several of the candidates of the party become the Presidents of France.

Today, party is unfortunately ranked only 11th in France and day by they its image is going down.


Party was established by Droopy32, former President of France, sometime between April 16 and April 20 in 2010. He was also the first president of the party until June 2010. Other party presidents were:

Famous members