Czech Independence War

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Czech Independence War
Map of Czech Independence War
Date 19 May 2010 –
5 August 2010
Location Czech Republic
Result Victory of the Resistance Forces
Territorial Changes All Czech territories got free
Fights Northern Bohemia, Southern Bohemia and Moravia RW
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Red Army.png Red Army
Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg FutureMillennium
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Re Niew
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Red Army.png Feffo
Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia Towanda
Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia Smrtan

The Czech Independence War begun on 19 May 2010, when Czech People started to fight to get back the regions lost because of former President Vit Ruzicka's swap to Slovakia. Northern and Southern Bohemia were conquered immediately, thanks to the help of the Hungarians, while Moravia was secured by Slovakia. On 5 August an RW started in that region (in which the Red Army fought next to the Czech) and it finished with the victory of the Resistance Forces.