Czechoslovakia-Austria War

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Czechoslovakia-Austria War
Map of Czechoslovakia-Austria War
Date 20 April 2011 –
22 April 2011
Location Europe - Central Europe
Territorial Changes Burgenland is now under the control of Czechoslovakia
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czechoslovakia Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Flag-Slovenia.jpg Slovenia
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Jakub Bucek Flag-Austria.jpg Albert Neurath

The Czechoslovakia-Austria War is the first major war between Czechoslovakia and Austria. In an article from the Austrian government, the aim of the war for Czechoslovakia is to gain the Austrian regions, Lower Austria and Styria.[1]


This war was started by a Neutral enemy proposal from a Czechoslovakian congressmen[2], it was then repeated by a Austrian congressmen.[3] In the Austrian government article, it stats the Czechoslovakian government wanted the regions as they stated that they were theres and they deserved to have them back, even though the regions are original regions of Austria.


As of April 22, Austria has successfully defended against Czechoslovakia in Burgenland and started a assault Bratislava in which Czechoslovakia was able to defend. Czechoslovakia then had a discussion with Austria in which they decided for Czechoslovakia to take Burgenland to end the Natural Enemy act. It is unknown whether Austria will let Czechoslovakia keep Burgenland.

Icon-art-of-warfare.gif Battles

Date Attacker Region Defender Result
20 April 2011
Day 1247
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Region-Burgenland.png Burgenland
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Icon secured.jpg Flag-Austria.jpg
21 April 2011
Day 1248
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Region-Bratislava.png Bratislava
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Icon secured.jpg Flag-Czech Republic.jpg
22 April 2011
Day 1249
Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Region-Burgenland.png Burgenland
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Icon conquered.jpg Flag-Czech Republic.jpg

Note: Czech Republic in battle review is in fact Czechoslovakia!

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  2. Czechoslovakian Natural enemy law
  3. Austrian Natural enemy law