Decorations of Romania

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On 25 December 2014, President of Romania - mib_boby, established the National System of Decorations of Romania. The decorations are conferred by the President of Romania (it has the right to decorate four people during his term) and have symbolic role. The National System of Decorations of Romania is the body responsible for recognising and rewarding sacrifice and competence of the players.


National Order "Star of eRomania"

The Victoria Cross

National order "Star of eRomania" - this order is the highest award from eRomania and is awarded to outstanding personalities in the field of social, educational, cultural, economic, political and military, which have reached a respectable number of years in the profession or have achieved a high level of performance.

National Order "Faithful Service"

National Order "Mihai Viteazul"


Medal - Star of Romania.jpg National Order "Star of eRomania"


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