Den Kongelige Danske Kavalergang Force

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Den Kongelige Danske Kavalergang Force

Den Kongelige Danske Kavalergang Force.jpg

General Information
Disbanded 2010 (est)
Country Flag-Denmark.jpg Denmark
Colors Red and White
Type Flying horses. Not Pegasus', FLYING HORSES

Den Kongelige Danske Kavalergang Force was the first part of the Icon-Denmark.png Danish army. Its name is in Danish and means The Royal Danish Cleavage Force in English.

Den Kongelige Danske Kavalergang Force was formed by the Danish Minister for Defence and Propaganda Grev Per when was the president of Denmark. It is just like most other parts of the Danish state one big joke, and its name is meant to offend people.

The Kavalergang Force was controlled by the Danish Minister of Defence and Propaganda Grev Per and his vice-Minister of Defence and Propaganda Carlos.

From Romania with Defeat

The Kavalergang Force was first time dispatched to Romania to help with the attempted invasion of Iran, but as most people know, the invasion failed, and the Kavalergang was short on weapons, so the kavalergang didn't do much damage to the Iranians.


The unit was promoted through the governmental organization (Den Danske Haer) which was publishing the newspaper Kavalergang Force with instruction how to become a member and deployment orders.