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When a region is kept under foreign occupation, the people’s determination to overthrow the oppressors increases over time. This leads to a Determination Bonus that multiplies the influence in battles against the oppressor.

Determination was introduced on eRepublik's 6th Anniversary, Day 2,192 (20 November 2013).

Determination Bonus

Influence bonus.png When a Resistance War is started, the influence of each soldier fighting for the resistance is multiplied with the Determination Bonus.
Influence represents your impact on the Domination Bar in battles. The Determination Bonus only multiplies your Influence, NOT your Damage and Rank Points. In other words, players will still contribute the same amount of damage for their True patriot or Battle hero medals, but their influence against the opposing side is bigger.
Please note that:
  • Influence from Bombs, Rockets or Guerrilla fights will NOT be multiplied by the Determination Bonus
  • Hits done with Damage Boosters and Bazookas are multiplied like normal hits by the Determination Bonus

How is the Determination calculated?


The Determination Bonus is proportional with the number of days a region is occupied. The longer the region is held under occupation, the stronger the determination gets.

Once a region is liberated, the determination will decrease gradually. For example, if Finland liberates Lapland from Swedish occupation of 200 days, and Sweden attacks the region a few days later, Finland and its allies will still have a high Determination Bonus when defending. If, however, Sweden conquers the region back despite the high Determination Bonus, the determination is then set to 1.

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