Dignity Brigade

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Dignity Brigade

Dignity First, Dignity Forever, Let Fly the Black Shield of Dignity!

General Information
Disbanded -
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Region South Africa
Colors Black, Gold
Type Paramilitary
Total Soldiers Unknown

The Dignity Brigade is an independent and highly industrialized military organization with the goals of fighting imperialism worldwide, especially in the protection of South Africa's independence, freedom, and sovereignty. Unlike mercenary groups, the Dignity Brigade is not employed for a monetary profit.

The Dignity Brigade´s original manifesto:

We are tired of proud, independent nations, big and small, being PTO'd, conquered and humiliated by imperialists around the world. We exist to fight, harass, make fun of and create havoc and chaos in the empires and liberate the oppressed. Our goal is not to take down empires single-handedly, but to exacerbate and help bring in to being its inevitable collapse. However, we are not hypocrites, so ANY nation that occupies and oppresses another, whether they are EDEN, Fortis, PEACE or not aligned, will be targets of our madness.

We have no national, international or political affiliations. We accept the support and provide assistance to nations that have been occupied or undermined, but we are not sponsored by, nor do we do the bidding of any one nation. We are not mercenaries selling our services to the highest bidder and we are not an elite force made up only of high level and high skill individuals.

We are a volunteer force of international soldiers whose mission is to protect the weak and harass oppressors regardless of who they are. We believe in and fight for national self-determination, independence and freedom for all nations, and our goal is the return of all e-nations to their original borders (same as in RL).

We will use any and all legal means necessary to achieve our goals. These may include fighting against imperialistic powers in wars and RWs, the de-stabilization of imperial political systems through infiltration and/or PTOs, the breakdown of economic systems that support imperialistic war through boycotts and poor work performance, and the use of media to denigrate those who promote imperialism and dicatorship, while we recruit those who believe in freedom and dignity from around the world. No methods of destruction are off the table unless they are illegal in eRep. Humor will also play a key role, particularly in the media.

We call on all nations that occupy the lands of others (in an alliance or otherwise) to:

1. Return the lands they occupy to the original owner at the occupiers' expense.
2. Pay war indemnities to be agreed upon by the victimized nation.
3. Provide a public apology to the occupied nation that also explains why the initial invasion was wrong and must promise never to do it again.

We believe that every nation deserves a right to its honor, dignity and respect in addition to their rights to occupy the whole of their own lands and to govern themselves without outside interference. We believe that until every nation has been afforded these rights, the eRep world will continue to be dominated by greedy, opportunistic, and dictatorial nations that have no interest in peace or harmonious relations.

To these ends we will fight ceaselessy, without mercy and with extreme humor everywhere and anywhere and against anyone who opposes human dignity, independence and freedom until eRepublik is free of oppressors.