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This page urgently needs an update! This page is very outdated, and the information may no longer be valid.

Starting Day 1,665 every citizen belongs to a Division due to updates in the Military Module.

Division Battles

Every battle is divided into the four division battles with each having its own battle.

Division Type Exp Level Required experience points
I National Guard 1 - 34 0
II Soldiers 35 - 49 50,000
III Special Forces 50 - 69 125,000
IV Tanks 70+ 225,000
Division badge.png
If a citizen of experience level 36 enters a campaign to fight, he will only fight in the Division II battles.

Citizen can check their division in profile page; moreover, when moving to the next division, they'll be warned by an alert.


Before Day 2,282 the divisions were divided as in the following table:

If a citizen of experience level 26 entered a campaign to fight, he would only fight in the Division II battles.

Winning a battle

Message displayed after a division has won a mini-battle

A division battle is won by the first country to reach 1800 domination points in 120 minutes. Each division has to do this for a round to end. In addition, winning a division battle adds points towards winning the campaign:

Division Campaign Points
I - National Guard 1
II - Soldier 2
III - Special Forces 3
IV - Tanks 5

* If a battle is epic, the winner gets double points for each epic division.

A round ends when all four division battles end. If a division battle reaches 1,800 domination points before 90 minutes and other battles are still running, it waits for the next round to start. Hence all four division battles always start at the same time.

Winning a campaign

New look of the campaign details tab

Every division battle won adds points to the total points for the campaign.

After the 1st battle round, Country A wins divisions I (1pt) and III (3pts), Country B wins divisions II (2pts) and IV (5pts). The Campaign total score is thus: Country A = 4 total points and Country B = 7 total points.
After the 2nd battle round, Country A wins divisions III (3pts) and IV (5pts), Country B wins division I (1pt) and II (2pts). The Campaign total score is thus: Country A = 4 + 8 = 12 total points and Country B = 7 + 3 = 10 total points.

Winning a campaign requires at least 94 total points. A campaign can last up to 17 battles. 94 points is the most points that can be won in 17 battles, in all four divisions.

The campaign ends when one of the countries reaches 94 points, even if less than 17 battles took place in that campaign.

If with points won by a division, the campaign reaches 94 points, the rest of the divisions will be closed instantly, even if they did not reached to 1800 domination points.


At the end of every battle round, the Battle hero medal is awarded to the citizens that inflicted the highest damage on each side in each of the four division battles. They will gold as follows:

Division Gold for Battle Hero
I - National Guard 2 Icon-gold.gif
II - Soldiers 3 Icon-gold.gif
III - Special Forces 4 Icon-gold.gif
IV - Tanks 5 Icon-gold.gif

* If battle is epic, Battle hero medal reward is doubled.

There is only one Campaign hero for each side in the campaign. It is awarded to the citizen who deals the most damage in the campaign regardless of their division.

Fight to defeat an enemy

The Fight button has also been updated. You no longer have to click several times to kill an enemy. One click will deal enough hits for a single kill. Energy consumed depends on how many hits you need to kill the enemy (same principle as before), and the damage, rank points, and experience points are also given accordingly.

You click the fight button to kill an enemy that would previously take you 3 hits to kill. You normally deal 200 damage when you fight with your Q2 machine gun. With one click, you now kill the enemy immediately with 600 damage and using 30 Energy. You also get 3 experience points and 60 rank points.

If you have less energy than is needed to kill an enemy, you will do enough hits to go to 0 energy but not make the kill. Energy will not be automatically consumed by eating food (as when you work) or using Energy Bars. After you restore your energy, you will have the chance to finish off the same enemy for that missed kill.

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